1.0mm Derma Roller + Eye Serum + Anti-aging Serum Review

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This Derma Roller is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE it! At first I was scared to try it because of the needles, it hurt a little but it was a good hurt if that makes sense? I noticed a difference the first week I started using this. My face looked more clear and felt much softer. I was a little worried about keeping it clean but turns out cleaning it is a breeze! When you are finished just rinse the roller with hot water and then after 4 or 5 uses soak it in alcohol to disinfect.  I even had my mom give this roller a try! she, too, was scared at first but ended up loving it ( it was disinfected before and after she used it, if you are wondering. LOL ).  To use the Derma roller you just roll it on your problem areas; staying away from any infected areas. Roll about 10 times vertically and 10 times horizontally, and you are good to go! I do not recommend doing this in the morning before or before you go anywhere.  It will leave you with a red face for a few hours, so I do mine right before I go to bed.

How to use your Petunia Derma Roller:

– Wash your face, use something that is gentle and do not use anything with scrubbing beads

– pat face dry

– Run Roller over problem areas ( 10 times horizontally and 10 times vertically)

– Rinse Roller with hot water and put it back in its case.

– Apply Petunia eye serum & Anti- Ageing serum

( I only used my Derma Roller about 3 times a week, I wanted to give my face a break in between treatments.)

– To disinfect I soak it in a cup of rubbing alcohol for about 5 minutes

derma 2


Here is a photo showing the needles. This particular Derma Roller has approximately 540 – 1.0 mm needles

derma 3

Along with the Derma Roller I also got to review Petunia Anti-aging serum and eye serum. Both were great products, but to be completely honest the Derma Roller was my favorite Petunia product.

The eye serum did make the bags under my eyes look a little better. I applied the eye serum at night after using the Derma Roller and also in the morning before I applied my make up. One small dab of the serum is all it took to do both eyes. The eye serum has a little bit of a yellow tint to it and hardly no sent at all.. which I like. When you put it on it just feels a little wet and once it dry’s it is dry… no greasy residue.

derma 4


And with some eye make up on =)

derma 5

The anti- aging serum comes in a bottle with a dropper, which I love. I applied this after I was finished using my Derma Roller. I put about 2 or 3 drops onto a cotton ball and rub it all over my face. I just rubbed it in till it was dry. The anti-aging serum does have a sent but a can’t put my finger on it? It is a little strong till you rub it in then it fades away.

Over all I thought these were some good products. Like I said earlier I was most impressed with the Derma Roller, I LOVED it! =)