Broccoli Casserole


If you are looking for an easy weeknight side dish that everyone will love.. this is it! 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


2 C. Frozen shredded hash browns

1 C. shredded cheddar cheese

1 1/2 C. Heavy whipping cream

1 pack frozen broccoli steamers (12 oz.)

1/2 pack of bacon fried, drained, & crumbled

1/4 C. Shredded cheddar cheese to melt on the top

1/4 C. French fried onions to sprinkle on the top ( Or if you are like me and just throw a handful or 2, or 3 on the top.. I love french fried onions!)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

serves 4-6 depending on what you consider a serving , I would go with 4 😉


First  fry,  drain & crumble bacon. Set aside. In a 2 qt greased baking dish add frozen broccoli, frozen hash browns, cheese, and bacon. Next pour heavy whipping cream evenly over the top of casserole. Cover with foil and bake for about an hour, or until broccoli is soft. Take foil off add french fried onions and cheese bake another 10 minutes.


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