10 Reason’s why Taco Bell is Good for you!!

I have made this list for all my ” OMG, Do you know what’s in that” friends (you know who you are) . So if you are like me and LOVE Taco Bell just show your “OMG, Do you know whats in that” friends this list and they will never ask you this question again, at least not about taco bell! P.S. you can thank me later 😉


1.) The grease that is smothered all over your face and dripping down to your elbows acts as a moisturizer & softens the skin.

2.) Downing a 5 layer burrito before a big date guarantees you a kiss before the date has begun;  you will become irresistible.

3.) If you are looking for inspiration double up on your sauces.. they always know what to say  😉

4.)  Taco Bell always gives you a second chance

* Example-  Your date try’s to reach over and grab your nachos, you panic and scream there not yours!  your date looks at you, you panic again but this time you regroup and say ” I meant nacho’s!! , their nachos are so good”.  ( Not yours… Noch chors.. Nachos.. it may take awhile to understand, you will laugh later)


5.)  When you are at a loss for words, taco Bell again has you covered




6.)  Ladies, no need for those expensive detox pills that are suppose to cleanse your system. Putting fire sauce on any combo meal will do the job at half the price!

7.)  Have something stuck in your teeth? not a problem. Using a hard shell taco, brake a small piece off, the pointy edge will act as a tooth pick.

8.) If you are ever feeling guilty about your diet- The kind taco bell associate behind the counter will put lettuce on just about anything… if you ask nicely. take my word for it 😉

9.) On a budget? Not a problem. Do you realize the massive amount of food you can buy with only $10 at taco bell?

10.)  Just when I thought about not posting this I looked at my Taco Bell cup which said Live MAS!



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