Pudding Cup Turkey ~ Kids Craft =)

turkey final

My son and I made this cute little turkey with a pudding cup the other day! Let me show you how we did it =)

What you will need:

* pudding cup

* brown construction paper ( we had to use a brown lunch bag because we could not find any brown construction paper)

* eye balls

* Red and Orange construction paper ( for the legs, feathers and gizzard)

* scissors

* Glue

* Pen or pencil ( to trace the pudding cup & Hands)


How we did it:

1.) First we traced 2 circles on the brown paper bag and cut them out ( for the turkey head and for the top of the pudding cup), set aside.

2.) Flip pudding cup upside down.

3.  We cut the brown paper bag so it was square ( you will not need to do this if you are using construction paper). Then wrap the paper around the pudding cup so it over laps some, cut the excess off. Put some glue all around the pudding cup and wrap the paper around it pressing so it sticks good.

4.)  Trim the top of the paper leaving enough to fold the end like a present. Fold the end as if it were a present and glue it down. Hold for a few seconds so it sticks.

5.)  We glued the circles we cut earlier. One  is glued to the top front of the pudding cup for the turkeys head and the second is glued to the top of the pudding cup to hide the messy end we folded like a present.

6.)  Once that was done we glued the eye balls on and cut a triangle out of orange construction paper for the nose and glued that on also. We then cut some legs out of the orange construction paper and glued them to the bottom of the turkey.

7.)  I traced my sons hands and we cut them out for the feathers and glued them to the back of the pudding cup. And that was it! we had a fun little turkey snack for later =)

turkey craft

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How to turn flour & sugar bags into gift bags! =)


The other day my mom went shopping and came home with the coolest thing ever!, a gift bag made from an empty flour bag. With the holidays just around the corner I know I am going to have plenty of flour and sugar bags the I normally just through away… not anymore! My bags look slightly different from hers but they are just as cute.

What you will need:
* old flour and sugar bags ( when you are shopping for your sugar and flour you are now going to want to look for bags the look good with not many wrinkles)
* scissors
* Glue
* twine

How to do it:

1.) Open bags you are using very carefully, dump flour into your flour container, dump empty bag  upside down and tap to get as much excess flour out as possible.

2.) Fold bag by pressing the ends in ( how a gift bag looks before you open it to put a gift in) flatten the bag gently and cut off any parts that may have been damaged when you opened the bag originally.

3.) Fold top flap down about half an inch to mark how far to cut.

fb 6

4.) Using scissors cut each of the four corners down to the crease of where you folded.

5.) Now glue the flaps and press them down


7.) Once dry use a paper whole punch to punch 2 wholes on each side of the bag

fb 11

8.) Cut 2 pieces of twine the same size. Put one piece threw the one side and the other threw the next side. One piece goes on the same side. Make sure the end you knot is on the inside of the bag… It’s easier to explain with a photo, knot the ends


And there you have it, cheap, one of a kind gift bags! Some even have recipes on the back, how cool is that?? =)

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Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. This post does, however, contain ads that I will receive commission for if clicked. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

How to turn soup cans into decorations!



soup cans



I have a few of these cute little soup can decorations sitting around the house. I say soup cans but really just about any can will do; I use all different sized cans, short & fat, tall & skinny, whatever you like. You can also inter change the flowers according to the season/holiday.

What you will need:
Empty soup cans.. whatever you have left after a meal
1 can flat black spray paint ( I think Flat black looks the best but you can use any color you wish depending on your style)
1 bag of the graish color Spanish moss
a few strips of fabric depending on how many cans you are doing
your choice of fall flowers ( dollar tree has a nice selection!)
some old news paper to spray paint on


Rinse soup cans out well. Be very careful of any sharp edges due to using the can opener, if there are a few try using the flat side of a butter knife to flatten them down ( BE CAREFUL! ) if they are too bad use a different can. Outside, place cans on top of news paper and be sure you are far away from anything that could be ruined by spray paint ( DO NOT spray paint near siding! the spray paint mist will travel leaving a light dusting on your siding, NOT GOOD!) Spray the cans making sure you did not miss any spots. Nest stuff a handful of Spanish moss into the cans, being careful of any sharp edges. Next arrange your flowers into the can and stuff a little more Spanish moss around the flowers so it hangs out just a little. Now take a strip of fabric and tie around the can. Ta-Duh! you have a new beautiful inexpensive decoration. =)



Rustic Easter Egg!

egg egg





easter egg 2

Primitive Easter eggs!
Remember these?? I bought mine at the dollar tree. Do you know what they are used for? ha. I don’t but I know what I did with them.Let me show you how to turn them into a beautiful rustic Easter Egg. 🙂



First you will need:

  • 1 piece of 3/16 osb (If they are in bad condition at your local home improvement store then try using a thicker piece)
  • 1 felt decor egg ( or whatever it is that they are called)
  • white paint
  • 2 different spray paint colors of your choice
  • stain ( I use a dark cherry)
  • Spanish moss (the brown/gray color looks the best)
  • 1 glass votive
  • 1 can frost spray paint for glass
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Duck tape
  • sander
  • 2 old rags
  • chop saw
  • tea light with a switch
  • jig saw

I know it seems like a lot of materials, but this is actually very easy to do. First lay your felt Easter egg on the pl wood and trace it. Cut out the Easter egg, brush off the saw dust and paint it white. Next lay the felt Easter egg on top of the all ready painted egg and pick which color you want to use first and where you want colors. Tape up the lines that you are not going to color first. No that they are taped up using your first color spray paint where you did not cover. Let dry. While this is drying its the perfect time to spray your glass votive. To do this I just stuff a paper towel inside the votive and then begin to spray the out side of it. Let dry. Once your egg is dry you can tape up the holes that you just painted leaving the opposite holes exposed. Now spray them and let dry over night. Once this is dry run your sander lightly over it to rough up the edges a little. Then brush off all the excess dust. Using an old rag, dip the tip of it into the stain and rub all over the egg, immediately follow with the other old/clean rag wiping off the stain you just applied. This will give your egg a rustic primitive look. Let dry, stain takes a while to dry, I usually wait 1 to 2 days for it to dry on a small project like this. Once your egg is dry you can screw the base to the bottom of your egg. I am sorry to say I do not measure when I do this, but let me explain what I do. I take a ruler and a pencil, then I sit the egg on it with the votive and eye ball about the size it should be ( sorry I have a bad habit of “eye balling”). Once the base is screwed on you can take your hot glue gun and glue the votive in the front of the egg centered. Use lots of glue on the bottom of your votive so it does not come loose. Now take your Spanish moss and glue it all around the base. Turn your tea light on and place it in the votive and you now have a beautiful rustic Easter egg! 🙂


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