How to make cute fall porch pillows ( for those of us who can’t sew!) :)


final product ( no one will ever know your secret ;)


In my spare time I make crafts and one of the questions people ask me all the time is ” do you sew?” and they are surprised when I tell them no. I guess most people just assume crafts and sewing go hand in hand, but trust me, there are ways around it. Today I am going to show you how to make cute seasonal porch pillows without whipping out a sewing machine.

What you will need:
material of your choice ( the amount depends on the size of your pillow, so take it with you when picking out material)
old pillows ( you can find them cheap at goodwill and yard sales)
1 pack of safety pins ( you want them to be medium to large in size )

** I decided to use flannel shirts on my pillows instead of material, making them a little more “messy” than usual in the back.

What to do:

1.) Cut the material to size. Make sure your material overlaps some so you have enough to cover the entire back of the pillow.

2.) wrap the pillow ~ When you are making these think presents.. You want to wrap the pillow like you would a present and place a pin everywhere you would normally place a piece of tape.

3.) Pin the pillow. Secure pins where the ends overlap and also pin any loose material, making the front of your pillow looking neat and tight.

Here are a few photos to help:


Rustic Easter Egg!

egg egg





easter egg 2

Primitive Easter eggs!
Remember these?? I bought mine at the dollar tree. Do you know what they are used for? ha. I don’t but I know what I did with them.Let me show you how to turn them into a beautiful rustic Easter Egg. 🙂



First you will need:

  • 1 piece of 3/16 osb (If they are in bad condition at your local home improvement store then try using a thicker piece)
  • 1 felt decor egg ( or whatever it is that they are called)
  • white paint
  • 2 different spray paint colors of your choice
  • stain ( I use a dark cherry)
  • Spanish moss (the brown/gray color looks the best)
  • 1 glass votive
  • 1 can frost spray paint for glass
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Duck tape
  • sander
  • 2 old rags
  • chop saw
  • tea light with a switch
  • jig saw

I know it seems like a lot of materials, but this is actually very easy to do. First lay your felt Easter egg on the pl wood and trace it. Cut out the Easter egg, brush off the saw dust and paint it white. Next lay the felt Easter egg on top of the all ready painted egg and pick which color you want to use first and where you want colors. Tape up the lines that you are not going to color first. No that they are taped up using your first color spray paint where you did not cover. Let dry. While this is drying its the perfect time to spray your glass votive. To do this I just stuff a paper towel inside the votive and then begin to spray the out side of it. Let dry. Once your egg is dry you can tape up the holes that you just painted leaving the opposite holes exposed. Now spray them and let dry over night. Once this is dry run your sander lightly over it to rough up the edges a little. Then brush off all the excess dust. Using an old rag, dip the tip of it into the stain and rub all over the egg, immediately follow with the other old/clean rag wiping off the stain you just applied. This will give your egg a rustic primitive look. Let dry, stain takes a while to dry, I usually wait 1 to 2 days for it to dry on a small project like this. Once your egg is dry you can screw the base to the bottom of your egg. I am sorry to say I do not measure when I do this, but let me explain what I do. I take a ruler and a pencil, then I sit the egg on it with the votive and eye ball about the size it should be ( sorry I have a bad habit of “eye balling”). Once the base is screwed on you can take your hot glue gun and glue the votive in the front of the egg centered. Use lots of glue on the bottom of your votive so it does not come loose. Now take your Spanish moss and glue it all around the base. Turn your tea light on and place it in the votive and you now have a beautiful rustic Easter egg! 🙂


Barn Board Photos

100_1013 finishes product

The photo that shows 3 barns board photos is me and my family. The one that has all three of us in it and the one that has just my son are both tacky still, that’s why it looks white and you can see streaks. The other photo is my photographer & her husband, she is a good friend of my families and does all my photos for free so normally I like to give her something special weather it be crafts or in this case a barn board photo. 🙂

This September a friend and I went to Sunfest for the first time, we fell instantly in love with some photos we saw of the ocean. My friend looked at me and said “we can do this, with our own photos!” and that is exactly what we did. These barn board photos make beautiful gifts, you will want to make some for yourself as well. 🙂

what you will need:

* Mod Podge

* foam brush

*barn board cut to size of photos

*photos printed onto card stock (you can use regular printer paper but card stock works much better)



*old towel

*credit card or something similar ( I use a discount one that the football team passes out every year)

What you will need

How we did it:

Firs print off the phot0(s) you want to use. Cut the photos down to size leaving a small rim just incase it burns in a little too far. Once you cut your photos, standing over a sink burn your edges ( I find this works best if you run your liter up and down the side till it just catches fire then I watch it burn in till it gets a hair past the rim, then I simply wet my finger and run it along the ashes to stop the burning process.). Next lay everything onto a towel and pour mod podge onto barn board, take your foam brush and evenly spread mod podge all over your barn board. Next take your photo center it onto the barn board and using your hand press it down. Pour some more mod podge right on top of your photo and again evenly spread it all over the photo and to the edges of the barn board. Now take your credit card and use it to run across the photo smoothing out any bubbles (this will also keep bubbles from forming as it dries.). And lastly I just use my foam brush and run it all over the barn board once again, and let it dry. Now you have a beautiful one of a kind photo(s). 🙂

100_1002 100_1003 100_1004 100_1005 100_1006 100_1011



Homemade Bread Crumbs



Here is another great money saving tip:  Anytime there is left over bread that I know will go bad before it gets used, I simply turn into bread crumbs. This is so simple! All I do is place the bread on a baking sheet, drizzle it with some olive oil and let it brown. Next I take the slightly toasted bread and rip it into a few pieces and put it into my  NINJA (which I am in love with!) until it is nothing but crumbs. Next I put the bread crumbs in a freezer bag with some of my favorite spices (Garlic powder, Onion powder, Parsley, Salt, & Pepper) date the bag, and store it in the freezer.                                                🙂  🙂

Thrifty to Ritchy



What do you think of when passing something like this sitting along the highway with a big “FREE” sign on it? Do you give it another thought? Well, I do, in fact not only do I give it a second glance but I am the crazy person you see loading this sort of thing into the back of my truck. Why? you might ask. I will tell you why, because unlike most people seeing a piece of trash sitting along the road I see a finished product. All this chair needed was a little TLC to become a beautiful one of a kind piece.

and… this is what I saw! Not to mention the $5 cabinet I bought online to complete this beautiful set.

what you will need:
a couple old chairs
a good quality spray paint ( I prefer Valspar)
a fabric of your choice ( I used home spun American theme)
screw driver
bucket of water and some disinfectant                                                                                                 staple gun

How I did it:
Most all chairs that have a cushion of some sort are screwed in through the bottom. Flip the chairs upside down find the screws and take them out (save them for when you put it back together). Next you want to wash the chairs and the cushions down really well with disinfectant. Once the chairs are dry you can spray paint them ( I use Valspar with primer so only one coat is needed). While the chairs are drying its time to work on the cushions. Make sure to disinfect the cushions and allow them to dry. Lay fabric down on a clean surface and place cushion on top, leaving about 2 inches on all 4 sides cut the fabric. Then using a staple gun stable the fabric to the bottom of the cushion the whole way around. Make sure to pull fabric tight as your are stapling. Once chairs are dry it is time to reassemble. Flip chairs upside down and screw cushions back on and voilà you have a beautiful chair. If you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂

The Cabinet was a little more detailed… I will get into that another day!

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