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Low-Carb Dark Chocolate Air Cookies



6 egg whites

2 Tbsp DaVinci Gourmet zero calorie french vanilla syrup(Found in stores w/ dry coffee creamers)

2 Tbsp Hershey’s Dark Cocoa

2 Tsp. Madagascar vanilla extract

2 tsp. truvia

4 Tbsp dark chocolate chips



In a medium size mixing bowl add egg whites,

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low-carb Mozzarella sticks

moz sticks

Looking for a low-carb side? Give these Mozzarella sticks a try! 🙂



1 pack of Mozzarella cheese strings

1 jar of garlic basil pesto

1/4 Cup of bread crumbs



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

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Pesto Pizza

pesto pizza

My in laws came in for the weekend, now normally when they come to visit they want OIP (original Italian pizza, a local restaurant that is out of this world good!) for lunch which means I don’t have to cook. We are down to one vehicle temporarily and my husband had to take it to work and my sister in law took my in laws van to visit a friend.

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Healthier version of my Wake me up Pound Cake

Healthier version of my Wake me up Pound Cake

Sugar Free cake shells with coffee simple syrup
1/2 Cup coffee
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
whipped cream
1 pack sugar free cake shells

In a small sauce pan heat sugar, coffee, and cinnamon until sugar is dissolved. Then put 2 tablespoons of mixture over each cake shell.

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