Homemade Bread Crumbs



Here is another great money saving tip:  Anytime there is left over bread that I know will go bad before it gets used, I simply turn into bread crumbs. This is so simple! All I do is place the bread on a baking sheet, drizzle it with some olive oil and let it brown. Next I take the slightly toasted bread and rip it into a few pieces and put it into my  NINJA (which I am in love with!) until it is nothing but crumbs. Next I put the bread crumbs in a freezer bag with some of my favorite spices (Garlic powder, Onion powder, Parsley, Salt, & Pepper) date the bag, and store it in the freezer.                                                🙂  🙂

Thrifty to Ritchy



What do you think of when passing something like this sitting along the highway with a big “FREE” sign on it? Do you give it another thought? Well, I do, in fact not only do I give it a second glance but I am the crazy person you see loading this sort of thing into the back of my truck. Why? you might ask. I will tell you why, because unlike most people seeing a piece of trash sitting along the road I see a finished product. All this chair needed was a little TLC to become a beautiful one of a kind piece.

and… this is what I saw! Not to mention the $5 cabinet I bought online to complete this beautiful set.

what you will need:
a couple old chairs
a good quality spray paint ( I prefer Valspar)
a fabric of your choice ( I used home spun American theme)
screw driver
bucket of water and some disinfectant                                                                                                 staple gun

How I did it:
Most all chairs that have a cushion of some sort are screwed in through the bottom. Flip the chairs upside down find the screws and take them out (save them for when you put it back together). Next you want to wash the chairs and the cushions down really well with disinfectant. Once the chairs are dry you can spray paint them ( I use Valspar with primer so only one coat is needed). While the chairs are drying its time to work on the cushions. Make sure to disinfect the cushions and allow them to dry. Lay fabric down on a clean surface and place cushion on top, leaving about 2 inches on all 4 sides cut the fabric. Then using a staple gun stable the fabric to the bottom of the cushion the whole way around. Make sure to pull fabric tight as your are stapling. Once chairs are dry it is time to reassemble. Flip chairs upside down and screw cushions back on and voilà you have a beautiful chair. If you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂

The Cabinet was a little more detailed… I will get into that another day!

Money saving tips:



Christmas does not have to be an expensive holiday. Now is the BEST time to begin  preparing for the following years Christmas. Every year after Christmas I wait 2-3 weeks, when prices drop from 50 percent off all the way down to 75 percent off, that is when I begin to shop! First I will go to a major retailer such as walmart and/or kmart and see what is on sale. After I have looked at all the sale items I pick a color scheme based on the sale items. Then I will shut my eyes and imagine my house decorated with the items on sale in the color scheme I have chosen. Then I begin to buy! not to mention all the gifts such as colognes, bath supplies, and toys that have been marked down as well. One thing to stay clear of is any gift items that include food as these will not be fresh for the following  year. And lets face it no one wants stale chocolate as a Christmas gift!

Money saving tips:



Being a stay at home mom I am always looking for new ways to save money. My favorite way to do this is by using a site called savings star ( https://savingstar.com). Savings star also has an app for your phone, which makes grocery shopping a cinch. Before I go into the store I just pull up my app, click the coupons I want, check out with my stores rewards card, and voila money will be added to your savings star account. Please check this site out and let me know how you like it.

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