How to make Iced Coffee

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Lately I have been on a bit of an iced coffee kick… you could say I am addicted. I actually had nothing planed to post this week, yikes! I posted a photo of my iced coffee I was making for myself last night to facebook, and  when I got up this morning I had a comment from a friend asking me if I would do a blog post on how to make it. WOW! why didn’t I think about that?? So here it is; a tutorial on how to make an iced coffee. You will have to excuse the photo’s, I whipped this post up in about 10 minutes.. =0

How to make an Iced coffee:

  • Brew your coffee, making it a little stronger than you normally would ( you want to do this because of all the ice in the iced coffee. As it melts it will dilute your coffee; making it weak. And no one wants a weak iced coffee =) )
  • Next you need 2 cups (not glass) fill one all the way to the top with ice cubes and pour your coffee in the second one. In the one with your coffee fix it up how you would normally drink it. I put flavored creamer and sugar in mine ( I use sugar free creamer and truvia, but however you like your coffee will be fine.)
  • net pour the coffee you prepared with cream and sugar over the ice cubes. Depending on how hot your coffee is you may need to add more ice cubes.
  • give it a quick stir and ENJOY! =)


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Tips for Getting into shape for summer!

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Delicious Iced Tea!





I don’t know that there is anything as refreshing as a nice tall glass of iced tea, and I have been told that I make the best! Now I can’t take all the credit for my delicious iced tea; this recipe is a mix between my sister’s and my best friend’s. My best friend makes the best cup of hot mint tea you would ever drink! and my sister, boy can she make a mean glass of iced cold sweet tea! So I decided to mix them to make this:

10 regular tea bags ( which ever brand you prefer )
7 peppermint tea bags (also which ever brand you prefer)
1 1/2 Cups of sugar or artificial sweetener if you prefer
1 gallon tea jug


First unwrap tea bags and tie them in a bundle ( normally the peppermint come without a wrapper ).  Next in a medium size sauce pan bring  3 1/2 to 4 cups of water to a boil. Once water begins to boil drop teabags into boiling water, press them down a little with a wooden spoon. Turn heat down some and let them boil for abut 30 seconds. Take pan off of heat and set timer for 10 minutes. In a 11 gallon tea jug, in the sink,  pour 1-1/2 cups of sugar or artificial sweetener ( measurements may vary if using artificial sweetener, normally there is a chart on the back) into the jug. Once 10 minutes is up pour the hot tea concentrate over top the sugar squeezing the tea bags some to get all the concentrate ( do not squeeze too hard or you will puncture the tea bags), stir with a wooden spoon till sugar dissolves.  Next stir while filling the jug up with water about 1/2 inch from the top, stir.  If you want to put ice in the jug itself you can. Normally I put some in the jug and my cup. Enjoy 🙂

10 Reason’s why Taco Bell is Good for you!!

I have made this list for all my ” OMG, Do you know what’s in that” friends (you know who you are) . So if you are like me and LOVE Taco Bell just show your “OMG, Do you know whats in that” friends this list and they will never ask you this question again, at least not about taco bell! P.S. you can thank me later 😉


1.) The grease that is smothered all over your face and dripping down to your elbows acts as a moisturizer & softens the skin.

2.) Downing a 5 layer burrito before a big date guarantees you a kiss before the date has begun;  you will become irresistible.

3.) If you are looking for inspiration double up on your sauces.. they always know what to say  😉

4.)  Taco Bell always gives you a second chance

* Example-  Your date try’s to reach over and grab your nachos, you panic and scream there not yours!  your date looks at you, you panic again but this time you regroup and say ” I meant nacho’s!! , their nachos are so good”.  ( Not yours… Noch chors.. Nachos.. it may take awhile to understand, you will laugh later)


5.)  When you are at a loss for words, taco Bell again has you covered




6.)  Ladies, no need for those expensive detox pills that are suppose to cleanse your system. Putting fire sauce on any combo meal will do the job at half the price!

7.)  Have something stuck in your teeth? not a problem. Using a hard shell taco, brake a small piece off, the pointy edge will act as a tooth pick.

8.) If you are ever feeling guilty about your diet- The kind taco bell associate behind the counter will put lettuce on just about anything… if you ask nicely. take my word for it 😉

9.) On a budget? Not a problem. Do you realize the massive amount of food you can buy with only $10 at taco bell?

10.)  Just when I thought about not posting this I looked at my Taco Bell cup which said Live MAS!



DelGrosso’s Amusement Park



Hello from DelGrosso’s

Yesterday I skipped out on physical therapy(only because my husband could not get home from work in time to take me, otherwise I would have stayed home and went like a good girl) and headed to DelGrosso’s with my parents and my son! I will tell you some things I liked about it and some things I did not. I will start with the likes


* The pool area is wonderful for little kids! The water on the kids side is only about 18 inches deep and it is great for little ones. There are many activities in the water for kids such as water guns, slides, water falls.

* Pizza! yes the pizza was amazing! so amazing I keep dreaming about it and have been wondering how crazy I would be to take a 1 & 1/2 hour drive to  just to get a slice.


* The kiddie rides were nice



* I did not like the fact that it was one flat price for a wrist band. What I mean by this is that if you wanted to just go to the pool & not do the rides the cost is still $18 . In my opinion that’s a little high. Personally I think it should be $18 for a wrist band if you are doing both but less money if you only want to do one or the other if that makes sense?

* The food lines moved so slow! I bet I waited 15 minutes for a slice of pizza and a drink at a stand that only served pizza and drinks and there were at most three people ahead of me. Nuts if you ask me!


Overall it was a nice amusement park, definitely not my first pick but if you are in the area worth stopping by. My 2 year old thoroughly enjoyed himself and was wiped out by the end of the day

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