How to make Iced Coffee

iced coffee 1

Lately I have been on a bit of an iced coffee kick… you could say I am addicted. I actually had nothing planed to post this week, yikes! I posted a photo of my iced coffee I was making for myself last night to facebook, and  when I got up this morning I had a comment from a friend asking me if I would do a blog post on how to make it. WOW! why didn’t I think about that?? So here it is; a tutorial on how to make an iced coffee. You will have to excuse the photo’s, I whipped this post up in about 10 minutes.. =0

How to make an Iced coffee:

  • Brew your coffee, making it a little stronger than you normally would ( you want to do this because of all the ice in the iced coffee. As it melts it will dilute your coffee; making it weak. And no one wants a weak iced coffee =) )
  • Next you need 2 cups (not glass) fill one all the way to the top with ice cubes and pour your coffee in the second one. In the one with your coffee fix it up how you would normally drink it. I put flavored creamer and sugar in mine ( I use sugar free creamer and truvia, but however you like your coffee will be fine.)
  • net pour the coffee you prepared with cream and sugar over the ice cubes. Depending on how hot your coffee is you may need to add more ice cubes.
  • give it a quick stir and ENJOY! =)


iced coffee 5

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