Pudding Cup Turkey ~ Kids Craft =)

turkey final

My son and I made this cute little turkey with a pudding cup the other day! Let me show you how we did it =)

What you will need:

* pudding cup

* brown construction paper ( we had to use a brown lunch bag because we could not find any brown construction paper)

* eye balls

* Red and Orange construction paper ( for the legs, feathers and gizzard)

* scissors

* Glue

* Pen or pencil ( to trace the pudding cup & Hands)


How we did it:

1.) First we traced 2 circles on the brown paper bag and cut them out ( for the turkey head and for the top of the pudding cup), set aside.

2.) Flip pudding cup upside down.

3.  We cut the brown paper bag so it was square ( you will not need to do this if you are using construction paper). Then wrap the paper around the pudding cup so it over laps some, cut the excess off. Put some glue all around the pudding cup and wrap the paper around it pressing so it sticks good.

4.)  Trim the top of the paper leaving enough to fold the end like a present. Fold the end as if it were a present and glue it down. Hold for a few seconds so it sticks.

5.)  We glued the circles we cut earlier. One  is glued to the top front of the pudding cup for the turkeys head and the second is glued to the top of the pudding cup to hide the messy end we folded like a present.

6.)  Once that was done we glued the eye balls on and cut a triangle out of orange construction paper for the nose and glued that on also. We then cut some legs out of the orange construction paper and glued them to the bottom of the turkey.

7.)  I traced my sons hands and we cut them out for the feathers and glued them to the back of the pudding cup. And that was it! we had a fun little turkey snack for later =)

turkey craft

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