DIY * Dollar Tree White Pumpkins

Dollar tree pumpkin final

What you will need:

  • Old T-shirt ( OR, I saw material at walmart that felt like T-shirt material and it was all ready a coffee dyed color… I think it was called cheese cloth?? If you use that, you will only need (I’m guessing) 1/2 a yard for 3-4  pumpkins. And you can skip the coffee dye step.)
  • cheap coffee for dying (dollar tree sales it!)
  • Dollar Tree bouquet of fall flowers ( you need 2 flowers per pumpkin)
  • Dollar Tree foam pumpkin ( as many as you want to make)
  • scissors
  • burlap ribbon ( I bought mine at walmart, but saw some at the dollar tree the next day =/ )
  • spray starch ( this is optional, it helps to keep the top part of the T-shirt looking the way you want, I’ll explain below)

The How To:

1.)  I just realized I forgot to take photo’s on how to cut the T-shirt and coffee dye it. I am going to do my best to explain: Lay the T-shirt down flat and cut up both sides, cut the sleeves off, and cut the thicker part of the T-shirt that goes around your neck off. When you are done cutting you should have 2 pieces of T-shirt with no sleeves and no neck- line. If you ever have trouble or don’t understand what I mean, please feel free to ask. =)

2.) Coffee dye the T-shirts with the same technique I used for my toilet paper roll snowmen. CLICK HERE. Allow to dry.

3.) First set the pumpkin in the middle of one of the coffee dyed T-shirt halves. Bring the corners of the material up to meet each other and hold tightly.pumpkin 2

4.) Wrap a piece of burlap at the base of where the material is gathered ( Look at photo) and tie a bow. You want to make sure that everything is nice and tight.pumpkin 4

5.) Fold the ends of the ribbon in half and make a slanted cut downward. ( you may want to practice this before you try it on your pumpkin) This just makes the ribbon ends look nice.


pumpkin 6

6.) Cut 2 flowers off of the dollar tree bouquet (scissors work fine to do this. I just cut with an old pair of scissors then bend them back and forth till they snap off) Push the flowers through the t-shirt material and into the foam pumpkin directly under the middle of the bow (look at photo).


pumpkin 7

7.) Cut the excess material off leaving about 1 inch of material or until you think it looks nice.

pumpkin 8

8.)  Spray the excess material with some spray starch to make it stiff.  ( this is optional, but I think it looks better. The spray starch only cost about $3 )pumpkin 10

DIY Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

easter wreath FINAL

I wanted a cute Easter wreath but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I decided to look around the dollar tree and see what I could find. I was very surprised with everything they had for a wreath, the options were endless. But I had to make a decision and this is what I came up with.. Hope you like it as much as I do =)

What you need:

* 4 packs of the mini eggs ( I bought 1 pack each of the all blue, pink and green and then I bought 1 multi -color pack)

* 1 bag of Spanish moss  ( 125 cu in /2 L ) ~ (2 if you want the back of your wreath covered, too)

* 1 roll of ribbon at least 3ft ( the one I bought was 9ft)

* 1 pack of birds ( or 2 birds)

* 1 foam wreath ring (9.8in (24cm) )

* Hot glue gun

* Hot glue sticks

Here is a photo with the items I bought for this wreath… Missing is the ribbon and the birds. My local Dollar tree did not have the color of ribbon I wanted so I found my pink ribbon for this bow at the Dollar General and yes, it was only $1. Everything else for this wreath was purchased at the dollar tree, except for the hot glue gun and glue sticks.. obviously. LOL =)


How I made it: 

1.) First I hot glued Spanish Moss all around the foam wreath ring. I made sure to cover the front and sides good but I was not concerned about the back; no one will see it. However, if you are concerned about the back, then you will want to buy 2 packs of Spanish moss. I also want to warn you to be careful! The hot glue will sometimes seep threw the moss and burn your fingers; I use my scissors to press it down sometimes.

Bird 1

When all the Spanish moss is glued on it should look like this. You will want to trim up any of the loose moss; kinda like trimming a beard if you want to look at it that way.. LOL

Bird 2

2.) Next I glued two rows of the mini eggs around the wreath; rotating colors. I kind of had a pattern going that I stuck too.

Bird 3

Here is what it should look like when they are all glued on.

Bird 4

3.) Then I glued a third row on the bottom so the wreath slightly resembled a Easter basket. If you don’t like the way that looks you could always do a third row all they way around.
Bird 5

4.) Next I took my little birds and figured out where I wanted them; then carefully hot glued them to the wreath.
Bird 6

5.) Here is where my mom comes in; I needed a bow and she is so good at making them and was more than happy to help. Once she made the bow I just used the pipe cleaner to tie it on to my wreath; you could also hot glue it to the wreath if you wish.

Do you want to know how my mom learned to make a bow from ribbon? She bought some ribbon at a store around the holidays and the store had some one making bows for people for a small fee. My mom said that the line was so long and she kept watching the lady make the bows and by the time it was my moms turn she had all ready figured it out on her own. LOL. Smart lady, that mom of mine; now if only I could learn how to do it! LOL Here is a link to my youtube video of my mom making the bow… maybe you will have better luck than I have had with making them. =)

CLICK HERE – How to make a Bow From Ribbon

Bird 8

And that is all there is to it. How cute? How simple? Hope you enjoyed this tutorial =)

Bird 7

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