Pizza Sticks

Biscuit dough pizza sticks FINAL 2

Pizza Reimagined and Kid Approved! 

Hi Everyone! Do your kids love pizza as much as my little guy does? We all know it can be a struggle (sometimes war) to get our children to eat at times. Well, fear no more, Pizza Sticks are here! I was at the store one day looking for a fun and simple snack to throw together for Logan and his friends after school and I decided to try creating pizza sticks. What a huge hit! I bought some basic biscuit dough, a few ingredients, and the rest was history. The recipes will be provided below for you guys to try.

I love these pizza sticks because they are so easy to make; from the package to your kid’s mouth in about 30 minutes. Not only is this inventive take on pizza easy for all you parents out there, you can also make them as nutritious as you want. I made mine using the traditional pizza ingredients (pepperoni, cheese, and pizza sauce). However, feel free to experiment with these fun snack sticks by sneaking some veggies in them; your kids may be so entranced by the gooey cheese and warm carbs they overlook the broccoli! In addition to bringing a smile to your kid’s faces, you will also be the star of the neighborhood if you serve these tasty little wonders as an after-school snack!

So, get ready for a no stress, foolproof, and undeniable delicious snack. Oh, and I should warn you to be prepared for the onslaught of kids knocking at your door to chow down on these amazing pizza sticks! Do you guys have a favorite after-school snack that your children go crazy for and is super simple to make? If so, please post below in the comments.

Now, Let’s get snack-a-lackin’!

Roll dough out so edges are even. Use a pizza roller to cut into 12 squares and stuff each square with your favorite pizza fillings. I used mozzarella sticks and pepperoni.

Pizza sticks 1

Next, roll dough over toppings and fold ends under. It should look something like this.

Pizza sticks 2

 Brush tops of pizza sticks with butter garlic mixture and bake as directed on package. (For a little extra goodness sprinkle top with parmesan cheese.)

Pizza sticks 3

Give the cheese a few minutes to cool down and serve with pizza sauce for dipping. Enjoy!

Biscuit dough pizza sticks FINAL

Crackers with Peanut Butter & TOASTED Marshmallow… Dipped in Chocolate!



I am soooooooooooooooooo so so soooooooo excited about this post for sooooo many reasons! First and for most I get to tell you all a little about my bloggy friend Prudy over at Butter Basil and Breadcrumbs. She has been such a support throughout this whole learning to blog process… we are learning together. Anytime I have a question or concern I always know that I can count on Prudy to help me out, and if she is unsure she does her best to lead me in the right direction. We have both learned that blogging is not an over night success but we know we are on the right track, and in time, this track will lead us to the success that we have been dreaming for. Plus we promised each other a signed copy of  our first cook books so we have to make this work… a promise is a promise 😉

Reason number two for being so excited about this post… My midnight snack just got a whole lot TASTIER! when I get hungry at night I always take a round cracker, spread it with peanut butter, sprinkle on a few chocolate chips and a few mini marshmallows ( ok 3.. it has to be 3 mini marshmallows or it is not right! ) then I put it in the microwave till the marshmallows puff up then top it with another round cracker. YUM! Well, Mrs. Prudy whom I mentioned above made this AMAZING looking Hot Chocolate smoothie that she topped with a toasted marshmallow. That’s how my wheels started turning with my crackers with peanut butter & TOASTED Marshmallow dipped in Chocolate… WOW! That’s a mouth full! Try saying that 3 times… no, no,  don’t do that to yourself. LOL

Reason number 3 well… just look at that photo! I am in love! Photography has been something that I have been desperately trying to learn and I feel like I nailed it with this one. I am really not trying to brag, really. I am just very excited =)


Now that you have heard my speech lets get to this recipe!

* Recipe is for 16 crackers with peanut butter and TOASTED marshmallow dipped in chocolate…Depending on the brand of crackers you use, 1 sleeve will make about 16 of these.


1 sleeve of round butter crackers ( something like ritz)

8 marshmallows cut in half ( the medium size marshmallows.. not the mini’s and not the jumbo)

6 oz of semi sweet chocolate chips or more depending on the brand used and how many in a sleeve.  ( Honestly I would use whatever I have when I make them again.. Dark chocolate, white chocolate..)

Peanut Butter for spreading on the crackers

** You are going to need was paper & foil for this recipe


1.) Spread all 32 crackers with peanut butter, set 16 aside and place the other 16 peanut butter side up on a cookie sheet that has been lined with tin foil.

2.) Cut all 8 marshmallows in half and place one on top of the 16 peanut butter spread crackers on the cookie sheet.

ritz fin
3.) Set your oven to Broil and put the crackers in. DO NOT WALK AWAY! Watch them till they get nice and golden brown.. I like mine a little on the burnt side. LOL

ritz final

4.) As soon as they come out of the oven take the crackers that have been spread with peanut butter and set aside, and place one on top of each marshmallow.

ritz final 1

5.) Set them in the fridge for about 10 – 15 minutes.

6.) Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl ( I add a few drops of veg. oil to it). When melting the chocolate only microwave for 30 seconds at a time stirring each time till chocolate is melted.

7.) Take the foil off of the cookie sheet you used to toast the marshmallows and line it with wax paper ( doing it this way saves a dish!)

8.) Dip the crackers in chocolate one at a time and line them onto the cookie sheet you lined with wax paper.

ritz final 2

9.) Refrigerate until chocolate is firm

10.) ENJOY =) =P.

I have submitted this recipe to What’s cooking Wednesday link party @ Buns In My Oven…. Check it out! =)

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