Toilet Paper Roll Penguins


Toilet Paper Roll Penguins 

What you will need to get started:



The How To:

Step 1: Place the black sock over the toilet paper tube. You may have to cut the ends as needed. Tuck the ends inside the toilet paper roll and secure with a few small dabs of glue. christmas-penguin-2

Step 2: Put the hat on. To do this cut off the ribbed end of the sock. Place the sock over the top of the toilet paper roll. Fold the bottom up a little to give the effect of a beanie. Pull the rest of the sock up and tie a bow using a thread from the burlap or twine. Trim the hat above the bow to your liking. Embellish with a small snowflake, button, or rusty jingle

Step 3: For the Belly cut a small triangle out of the burlap and cut the top corner off. You may want to put your scarf on quick just to see how much of the corner to cut. Glue the burlap belly on making sure the fat side is at the bottom like in the photo below.


Step 4: Put the scarf on. Just wrap it around and tie a knot in it making sure the knot is slightly to the right or left side, which ever you prefer. For the scarf we used an old tea towel. We made a small cut into the tea towel then ripped it the rest of the way to give it a frayed

Step 5: The Face-

The eyes– Glue two little beads on for the eyes. An easy way to do this is to slip the bead on the end of a toothpick and put a tiny dab of glue on it. Then use the toothpick to stick the eyes where you want them. Once the eye ball is in place gently pull the toothpick out.

The nose– Color the tip of a toothpick with an orange marker. Snip the tip of the toothpick off with scissors and glue the nose ( orange tip) on the penguin.


How cute are they? Theses are great gifts to give to teachers and neighbors along with some cookies, of course 😉 Check out my easy recipe for Double Chocolate Cake Box Cookies, a plate of these would compliment this gift perfectly!


DIY Owl ~ Made from empty toilet paper rolls!

Owl - Final

DIY OWL ~ Made From Empty Toilet Paper Rolls 

My DIY Owl ~ made from empty toilet paper rolls is the perfect craft to make this fall! It’s fun and very inexpensive to make. Not to mention they are adorable. I’m kinda on a roll ( pun intended) with my fall decor this year. 😉 Below is a list of supplies along with the how to to make these adorable little owls. If you make these or any other burlap kitchen DIY’s or recipes I would love to hear from you!

What you Need:

The how to:

Step 1:

Fold the top of the toilet paper rolls in so you have two points ( the ears). Paint the top half (the ears) of the toilet paper roll brown. While the paint is still wet sprinkle with glitter if you wish.

Owl 1

Step 2:

Carefully put a strip of hot glue around the bottom of the owl and wrap the twine around the bottom. Keep wrapping the twine gluing every 5-6 wraps.

Owl 2

Step 3:

Next, assemble the face. To do this I used 2 different types of buttons for the eyes. I cut up a piece of cinnamon stick and hot glued it to the owl for it’s nose. I then tied a piece of raffia into a bow and hot glued it onto one of the ears. I am just now seeing the big glob of glue under the bow.. I will try to carefully peel that off later! I’m hoping it doesn’t peel the paint off! wish me luck!

Owl 3

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