Loaded Cheese Fry Grilled Cheese


Loaded cheese fry grilled cheese

If you are looking for a way to spice up a boring ole grilled cheese sandwich, this is the recipe for you. Trust me; this is not your momma’s grilled cheese. It’s loaded with bacon, minute steak, and of course french fries; but what really takes this sandwich to the next level is the chili srachara mayo that is smothered on the top and bottom of this sandwich.

** This would be a great recipe to use up left over french fries from take out!

Lets cut to the chase; shall we?

Ingredients for 2 sandwiches:

4 pieces of bread ( I used the pre-sliced Italian. Do not use thick slices of bread)

6 slices of cheese  ( 3 for each sandwich. I used velveeta single slices because it most resembles the cheese they put on loaded cheese fries)

3 minute steaks ( cut up and cooked)

4 pieces of bacon (cooked and crumbled)

French Fries  ( enough to load it up! Depends on the size of the fries how many you use 😉 )

Butter for grilling the sandwiches

Hot Chili Sriracha Mayo 

4 Tbsp. mayo

2 tsp. hot chili Sriracha

Mix together


First butter one side of each piece of bread and grill it. This makes your bread more sturdy so it can hold the sriracha mayo without making your bread soggy.


Once you have toasted one side of all four slices of bread, spread them with the Sriracha Mayo. You want to spread all four slices with the Sriracha Mayo. my photo only shows 2 slices spread.


After all four slices are spread with Sriracha Mayo on the toasted side then it is time to start layering. Split the crumbled bacon between the two sandwiches. I lay my bacon on top of the Sriracha Mayo and then place 2 pieces of cheese on top of the bacon and then load up those fries.   (I do it the way so that as it grilles the cheese acts as a glue to the bacon and the fries)


Load it up with fries! I am drooling now! =p

On the other half of the sandwich which has all ready been spread with the sriracha mayo, split the minute steak between the two sandwiches and lay it on top of the Sriracha Mayo.


Lay one piece of cheese on top of the minute steak.


Now for the tricky part; carefully put the sandwiches together. To do this I pick up the part with the minute steaks using two hands and quickly position it over top the part with the fries. Then butter your pan and grill the sandwich, pressing it down with a spatula. Once the bottom of the sandwiches are grilled to a golden perfection then carefully lift the sandwiches off of the frying pan. Add more butter to the frying pan and carefully flip the sandwiches to grill the other side.. I use my hands to flip it into the pan (But be CAREFUL not to burn yourself!)



** If your cheese is not melting fast enough, put a cover over the  frying pan ( I used a cookie sheet)  to trap the heat. This will allow the cheese to melt more quickly.

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