DIY Owl ~ Made from empty toilet paper rolls!

Owl - Final

DIY OWL ~ Made From Empty Toilet Paper Rolls 

My DIY Owl ~ made from empty toilet paper rolls is the perfect craft to make this fall! It’s fun and very inexpensive to make. Not to mention they are adorable. I’m kinda on a roll ( pun intended) with my fall decor this year. 😉 Below is a list of supplies along with the how to to make these adorable little owls. If you make these or any other burlap kitchen DIY’s or recipes I would love to hear from you!

What you Need:

The how to:

Step 1:

Fold the top of the toilet paper rolls in so you have two points ( the ears). Paint the top half (the ears) of the toilet paper roll brown. While the paint is still wet sprinkle with glitter if you wish.

Owl 1

Step 2:

Carefully put a strip of hot glue around the bottom of the owl and wrap the twine around the bottom. Keep wrapping the twine gluing every 5-6 wraps.

Owl 2

Step 3:

Next, assemble the face. To do this I used 2 different types of buttons for the eyes. I cut up a piece of cinnamon stick and hot glued it to the owl for it’s nose. I then tied a piece of raffia into a bow and hot glued it onto one of the ears. I am just now seeing the big glob of glue under the bow.. I will try to carefully peel that off later! I’m hoping it doesn’t peel the paint off! wish me luck!

Owl 3

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