Toilet Paper Roll Penguins


Toilet Paper Roll Penguins 

What you will need to get started:



The How To:

Step 1: Place the black sock over the toilet paper tube. You may have to cut the ends as needed. Tuck the ends inside the toilet paper roll and secure with a few small dabs of glue. christmas-penguin-2

Step 2: Put the hat on. To do this cut off the ribbed end of the sock. Place the sock over the top of the toilet paper roll. Fold the bottom up a little to give the effect of a beanie. Pull the rest of the sock up and tie a bow using a thread from the burlap or twine. Trim the hat above the bow to your liking. Embellish with a small snowflake, button, or rusty jingle

Step 3: For the Belly cut a small triangle out of the burlap and cut the top corner off. You may want to put your scarf on quick just to see how much of the corner to cut. Glue the burlap belly on making sure the fat side is at the bottom like in the photo below.


Step 4: Put the scarf on. Just wrap it around and tie a knot in it making sure the knot is slightly to the right or left side, which ever you prefer. For the scarf we used an old tea towel. We made a small cut into the tea towel then ripped it the rest of the way to give it a frayed

Step 5: The Face-

The eyes– Glue two little beads on for the eyes. An easy way to do this is to slip the bead on the end of a toothpick and put a tiny dab of glue on it. Then use the toothpick to stick the eyes where you want them. Once the eye ball is in place gently pull the toothpick out.

The nose– Color the tip of a toothpick with an orange marker. Snip the tip of the toothpick off with scissors and glue the nose ( orange tip) on the penguin.


How cute are they? Theses are great gifts to give to teachers and neighbors along with some cookies, of course 😉 Check out my easy recipe for Double Chocolate Cake Box Cookies, a plate of these would compliment this gift perfectly!


Toilet Paper Roll Valentines Stuffed with Candy

val 11

We are on a budget… a tight budget! So I am trying to do things as cheap as possible for awhile. I have been thinking about what my son and I can do for valentines day since it is quickly approaching. I have lots of empty toilet paper rolls.. I kinda started collecting them, strange, I know! LOL But they are such and awesomely cheap way to craft. Have you seen my DIY Toilet paper roll snowmen? I handed some out for Christmas, people loved them! So that got me thinking why not do something similar for Valentines Day? So this is what I came up with, hope you enjoy =)

What you will need:

* Empty toilet paper rolls

* Tissue paper ( my husband found some laying in the truck! My guess is we bought someone a gift and I wrapped it on the way! LOL Don’t. Judge. =P )

* Sandwich baggies

* Small candies ( whatever will fit in your toilet paper roll will work )

* Tissue paper ( red, white, pink)

* Scissors

* Tape

* ribbon or string ( I used yarn, just something to tie the ends with. You could use the ribbon that is used for presents and make the ribbon curl… why did I just now think of that??! … LOL, too late now)

* Foam brush

* Cheap paint ( I used the stuff in the craft section at Walmart, I think it’s like .50 cents?)


How I made them:

1.) First, using a foam brush, paint your toilet paper rolls ( I did mine in pink, you want to try to match them to the color of tissue paper you plan on using)Let them dry few hours till totally dry or dry overnight.

val 1


val 2


2.) Once toilet paper rolls are dry, you can stuff them with candy. To do this put a few pieces of candy into a small sandwich baggie and roll the bag so it will fit into the toilet paper roll. Stuff the candy filled baggie into the toilet paper roll.

val 3

val 4

3.) Cut tissue paper so that it is in a rectangular shape. You want it big enough to roll at least twice and I make the ends a little on the bigger side too, you can always trim them down later. Use your first piece of tissue paper as a sample, one you get it to the correct size use it as a guide to cut the rest of your tissue paper out. Once Tissue paper is cut to size tape one end to the toilet paper roll, roll the toilet paper roll in the tissue paper and fold the end so you have a neat edge and tape it.

val 5

see how I folded the end to give a nice neat edge before I taped it.

val 6

4.) Then I twisted the ends a little and tied a piece of yarn around each end to secure it. I then trimmed the tissue paper to the length I wanted and cut the excess yarn off.

5.) Once you are finished doing all the above steps you can decorate them any way you’d like. You could put stickers on them, make name tags for them, whatever you’d like. I decided to cut little hearts out of paper and glue them on. Don’t mind my penmanship, it’s not the best.

val 10

val 12

And that’s it! These are very simple to make and fun too! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Burlap Kitchen wishes you a happy Valentines Day! =)

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