Tips for Getting into shape for summer!

Summer is just around the corner; and if you are anything like me, then you want to shed some unwanted pounds before “bikini” season hits. I have compiled a list of health and fitness tips from some of the best bloggers around. I hope you will find this list as useful as I have! =)

1.) How I lost 100 pounds and kept it off! 

5 secrets to weight loss with out exercise 

From – Grocery Shop for Free

lost 100 pounds

2.) Plank Roulette 

From-  The evolution of MOM 


3.) Weight loss Apps 

From- Thrifty Jinxy 

4.) Real Food Weight Loss 

Losing Weight with Traditional Food

From- Our Small House 



5.) Easy Steps for a Healthier You

Staying on Track to a Healthy Lifestyle 

From – Just 2 Sisters 



6.) Exercise for those who hate the gym, Breaking the Habit in 21 Days! 

From- Poems & Quotes Finder 

7.) How to reach your Families Health Fitness Goals 

8 Easy Ways to Walk More During the Day

10 Marathon Training Tips from a Running Coach



8.) 5 Healthy Breakfast tips that will help you Lose Weight

5 benefits of Strength Training 

6 ways to Reduce food Cravings 

From- Momma of 3 Munchkins 


9.) Awareness is the key to losing weight 

20 Tips to come out of Hibernation Mode #HMSpring 

From- Sweep Tight 


10.) Shed unwanted lbs with these Apps 

From- How was your Day

11.) Exercises for couples- 9 ways to get in shape together 

4 Ways to Exercise with your Dog

From- Newlywed Survival 



12.) 100 free fitness Apps

From- 2 kids and a coupon