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DIY farmhouse style Christmas tree frame

Hi friends!  Today, I am thrilled to be sharing with you all how to make a DIY farmhouse style Christmas tree frame. This farmhouse style DIY Christmas tree frame makes for the cutest Christmas decoration, and it is such a budget-friendly Christmas craft!  This Christmas tree décor DIY is made using some of the wood blanks from our shop. 

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How to create a DIY shaggy Christmas tree



Today, I will be sharing with you how to create a DIY shaggy Christmas tree.  This adorable shaggy Christmas tree craft is such a fun and budget-friendly DIY.  This beautiful Christmas tree décor is made using a cute Dollar Tree tin and some chunky yarn from Hobby Lobby. 

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DIY farmhouse Christmas sign


Today, I am so happy to share with you how to make DIY farmhouse Christmas sign using a Dollar Tree sign.  This beautiful farmhouse inspired Christmas décor sign is such a simple Christmas DIY to make, and very budget-friendly.  No one will believe you transformed a sign from the Dollar Tree into this cute joy sign for the Christmas season. 

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How to create a DIY scarecrow using supplies from Dollar Tree



Hi friends!  I cannot wait to share with you how to create a DIY scarecrow using supplies from the Dollar Tree.  This DIY scarecrow made from drop cloth fabric turned out so adorable.  This cute scarecrow is such a simple fall DIY to make; it is also a very budget friendly DIY.  Most of the items used to make this scarecrow were either upcycled,

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How to make a Pumpkin frame using a Grapevine wreath

Today we’re going to make another simple fall craft. As always, this craft should also be budget friendly. Today I will be showing you how to make a pumpkin frame using a Grapevine wreath. This craft will be the perfect addition to your farmhouse fall décor.


Not only is this craft beautiful,

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Easy Dollar Tree crate makeover


You all have been asking me what you can make with the free pintable’s we released a few weeks ago. Well, I have tons of ideas coming your way this week. The first one we’re going to make is this easy Dollar Tree crate makeover. I cannot get over how cute this turned out!

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