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DIY Comic strip pencil cans

comic final

A few days ago my son and I made this cute comic strip pencil can. It was super easy and super fun to make! Not to mention I now have a cute can to store all his pencils in. Check out how easy they were to make by following the 7 steps below:
What you will need:

1- empty and clean pringle can

mod podge

foam brush

your favorite comic strips from the local paper ( about 15-20 strips)

The How to:

1.) First cut your Pringle can to the size you want it to be.

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How to make Jar Lights

Jar Lights

Jar lights are easier to make than you may think. And, if you have the right tools on hand, they are fairly cheap to make. Jar lights make adorable gifts and can be filled with sand, seashells, rope, potpourri, etc… ¬†Here is my step by step on making jar lights,

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learning – Fishing Game

WARNING: Small pieces are used in this game, and could be a choking hazard to small children and pets.

fishy game main


Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun for the kiddos with this learning fishing game! This can be used to teach kids bible verses, numbers,

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Free Easter/Spring Chick Printable’s

Chick Printables

I am printing these off and framing them for little Easter gifts this year along with a little bagged treat (post coming this week). These are so cute to sit around for Easter/ Spring decor! =)

* For a 4 x 6 photo print the 5 x 7’s to paper size 8 x 10.

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DIY Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

easter wreath FINAL

I wanted a cute Easter wreath but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I decided to look around the dollar tree and see what I could find. I was very surprised with everything they had for a wreath, the options were endless. But I had to make a decision and this is what I came up with..

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25 Easter Recipes & Crafts!

easter post

1.)  Jelly Bean Bark ( Click link for recipe)

From – How to have it All ( click here to visit homepage)


2.) Pretzel Chicks ( click link for recipe)

From- Simplee Thrifty ( Click here to visit home page)


3.) Easter Chick Cup Cakes ( click link for recipe)

From- Thrifty DIY Diva ( Click link to visit home page)


4.) 101 NON Candy Easter Basket ideas for kids  (click link for ideas)

¬† ¬† ¬†From- Ann’s Entitled Life ( Click link to visit homepage)

non candy

5.) Mini Egg Cup Easter Basket Craft Project ( Click link for craft)

     From- Jinxy Kids (  click link to visit home page )


6.)  Resorection rolls ( click link for recipe)

     From- The Frugal Mom ( Click link to visit hoe page)


From- Housewives of Frederick County ( Click link to visit homepage)


8.) Hoppy Easter Printable ( Click link for printable)

     From- A Spectacled Owl ( Click link to visit home page)


From-  Suburbia Unwrapped ( Click link to visit home page )


10.) Easter M&M Thumbprint Cookies ( Click link for recipe)

     From- Thrifty DIY  Diva ( Click link to visit home page)


11.) Easter Muddy Buddies Recipe ( Click link for recipe)

     From- Cleverly Simple ( Click link to visit home page)


12.) Lemon Easter Basket Cupcakes ( Click link for recipe)

     From- Simply Southern Mom ( Click link to visit Home page)


13.) Paska ( Click link for recipe)

     From- Three different directions  ( Click link to visit homepage)


14.) Easter Bunny Cake Recipe ( Click link for recipe)

     From- Slick Housewives  ( Click link to visit home page)

easter4 (1)

15.)Easy Easter Basket Cake (Click link for recipe)

     *From-  Slick Housewives ( Click link to visit home page)


16.) Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg Recipe ( Click link for recipe)

     *From- Gator Mommy Reviews ( Click link to visit homepage)


17.) How to Hard Cook Eggs ( Click link for recipe)

     * From- Two Healthy Kitchens ( Click link to visit home page)


18.) C –

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Oven mitt santa’s

 Santa 10


How cute are these?? These would make awesome gifts! Let me show you how to make them =)

NOTE: I coffee dyed my material and mop ends (beard). To do this soak material and mop head in a bowl that has been filled with water,

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