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Snowflake Luminaries made from empty Toilet Paper Rolls

TP !

These little luminaries are easy to make and they look beautiful, no one will believe they were once toilet paper rolls! Here is a step by step guide of how I made them. =)

What you will need:

TP 2

* Empty toilet paper rolls

* Light blue and white paint ( I got mine at walmart in the craft section for .50 cents )

* White glitter ( I think white looks the best)

* Snow Flake punch ( I purchased mine from Michael’s)

* 2 Foam brushes

* Old news papers to work on

* Mini Tea Lights ,

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DIY Faux Snowballs



When I was a kid my mom used to make these DIY faux snowballs all the time. She is pretty crafty, so that’s where I get it, lol! I love this faux snowball project because there’s so many different ways you can decorate with them!

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How to turn flour & sugar bags into gift bags! =)


The other day my mom went shopping and came home with the coolest thing ever!, a gift bag made from an empty flour bag. With the holidays just around the corner I know I am going to have plenty of flour and sugar bags the I normally just through away… not anymore!

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Rustic Easter Egg!

egg egg





easter egg 2

Primitive Easter eggs!
Remember these?? I bought mine at the dollar tree. Do you know what they are used for? ha. I don’t but I know what I did with them.Let me show you how to turn them into a beautiful rustic Easter Egg.

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