DIY 2x4 Santa Claus
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DIY 2×4 Santa Claus


I am excited to share with you all how to create a DIY 2×4 Santa Claus.  If you are looking for a budget-friendly front porch Christmas décor DIY, this cute 2×4 wooden Santa Claus craft is a must try this holiday season!  You will have so much fun creating this Christmas DIY.  See what items you have lying around your home that you can upcycle for this fun Christmas project.  This adorable 2×4 wood Santa craft would also make for a festive front porch Christmas decoration! 


Materials needed: 

  • 2×4 cut to desired height (you can make these as big or small as you’d like) 
  • square piece of wood for the base 
  • red paint 
  • black paint 
  • antique wax 
  • sanding block 
  • paint brushes 
  • burlap
  • material 
  • micro fiber car cloth – Dollar tree (base of Santa’s hat) 
  • bell
  • twine 
  • blush 
  • half wood bead 
  • red & white pipe cleaners 
  • greenery 
  • Spanish moss
  • staple gun 
  • cinnamon stick 
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks 
  • drill & screw 


Step 1.  Take a scrap 2×4 piece of wood and take another small square piece of wood (for the base for your Santa to stand on), and paint the square base piece of wood using black chalk paint.  Next, use Waverly red chalk paint in the color “crimson,” and paint your 2×4 Santa.  I used an inexpensive chip brush to paint these with.  Allow both wood pieces to dry.


Step 2.  Use a sanding block and go over the red 2×4 Santa and the black base to scuff them up a bit. Then, wipe them down.   


Step 3.  Next, take some antique wax and apply some to the Santa in certain spots using a paint brush to make it look more rustic.  You can skip this step if you do not care for the rustic/primitive look. Allow to dry.

Step 4.  Take some burlap fabric, wrap it around the 2×4 so that no red is showing through, then staple it towards the top of your Santa, for his face.  *Be sure to leave a bit of the red 2×4 exposed right above the face to place a hat on. 

Step 5.  Next, use a piece of fabric of your liking, cut it into a square big enough to wrap around the top of your 2×4 Santa, while also leaving some excess material at the very top (enough to hang down about midway over the side of the Santa 2×4) as this will be Santa’s hat.  Staple the fabric hat down onto the 2×4 Santa, again being sure to leave some excess fabric hanging down over the one side of your Santa.

Step 6.  Next, fold over the very top of your fabric and use hot glue to glue it together so it forms a pouch.  Then, place a few plastic bags into the pouch of the hat to add volume. 

Step 7.  Using a car cloth purchased from The Dollar Tree, cut a long strip of this off and wrap it around the bottom of your Santa hat, directly above Santa’s forehead.  Use a staple gun to secure this down onto the bottom of the fabric hat. 

Step 8.  Finish hot gluing together the remainder of your fabric hat, the part that will hang down over the one side of your Santa.

Step 9.  Take some Spanish Moss, and hot glue that onto the Santa for the beard.  Trim away and excess. 

Step 10.  Hot glue on two black buttons for the eyes. 

Step 11.  Use your finger to dab on some cosmetic blush for the cheeks.

Step 12.  Next, hot glue on a half wood bead for his nose.  I lightly stained the half wood bead using some Waverly antique wax. Be sure the nose is dry before adding it on. 

Step 13.  Tie the very end of the hat hanging down to the one side of the Santa together with some twine.  Allow about an inch of material to hang below the twine tie, and trim away any excess material.  Hot glue a jingle bell down onto the bottom of the hat, right below where you tied your twine.

Step 14.  Use two white pipe cleaners and two red pipe cleaners, twist the white ones together, then twist the red ones together, and then twist them all together to make a candy cane.  Then, cut it in half and make two candy cane shapes. 

Step 15.  Take some greenery of your liking, some cinnamon sticks, and the candy canes, and tie all of those together using some twine.  Trim away any excess twine.  Hot glue this bundle onto the middle of your Santa, a bit below the beard. 


Step 16.  Wrap some twine around the bundle you just hot glued down a few times, this will act as Santa’s belt.  Secure the twine down to the back of the Santa using a staple gun.  Trim away any excess twine. 

Step 17.  Using twine, make a small bow to place over top of the twine belt.  Secure this onto the front of the belt with hot glue. 

Step 18.  Secure the base to the Santa so it can stand up by putting a screw in the middle of the base.  Enjoy! 




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If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  



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