DIY daisy doormat - front porch decor
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DIY daisy doormat – front porch decor


Today, I will be sharing with you how to create a DIY daisy doormat using Dollar Tree supplies.  This adorable front porch DIY rug was so simple to make.  I love making Dollar Tree DIYs because they are so budget-friendly. Simply by using a few supplies from the Dollar Tree, you too can create this beautiful farmhouse style rug for your home décor.  This cute daisy rug is the perfect front porch décor for the springtime and/or summer time!  All of your house guests will think you purchased this DIY rug from a craft store.  Also, you could easily make these gorgeous DIY rugs for any season throughout the year! 

Materials needed: 



Step 1.  Using a grey rug/doormat I purchased from the Dollar Tree, and a stencil I purchased online from Essential Stencils, place your stencil on the center of the rug.  Then, take some masking tape and tape around the perimeter of the stencil so the stencil doesn’t move on you.

Step 2.  Using white chalk paint, take a stencil brush and gently dab/pounce over the stencil.  You will need to pounce/dab the white chalk paint over the stencil a few times.  I use a pouncing technique with my stencil brush so that the paint doesn’t bleed onto the doormat.  Then, carefully remove the stencil from the rug.  Allow to dry completely.



Step 3.  Use a piece of wax paper and dump some of the white chalk paint onto the wax paper.  This is going to be used to dip/saturate our oval sponge (I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree) with white chalk paint to then press onto the doormat to make our petals for our daisy flowers.

Step 4.  If you want to be extra careful, you can use masking tape and tape around the perimeter of your stencil on the doormat so that you do not get any of the paint from using the oval sponge on the stencil portion of the doormat.

Step 5.  Take the green side of your oval sponge and dip it into the white chalk paint.  Then, carefully press the oval sponge down onto your doormat, avoiding the area where the stencil is, and start to make your daisy flower petals.  You will simply make one petal at a time for each daisy, and each daisy flower should have 5 petals.  After each time your press the oval sponge onto your doormat to make a petal, go back and dip your sponge in a bit more of the white chalk paint, then go in a circle to make your 5 daisy petals for each flower on your doormat. 



Step 6.  Using your stencil brush, if you see any areas of your daisy flower petals that need more white chalk paint, simply dab some more paint onto those areas of the petals.  Allow to dry.

Step 7.  Take some yellow paint and use a paint pouncer to dab a circle on the center of each of the daisy flowers.  Allow to dry completely.  Enjoy! 




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If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  


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