DIY Dollar Tree Easter Door Mat
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DIY Dollar Tree Easter Door Mat

Today, I am going to be sharing with you how to make a DIY Dollar Tree Easter Door Mat.  I love using Dollar Tree supplies to create beautiful, budget-friendly DIYs such as this adorable Easter doormat.  How fun would this Easter egg rug be to make with your children or grandchildren?  This cute Easter décor rug was so simple to create.  Feel free to make this fun Easter DIY your own and get creative.  This Easter DIY doormat would be such a cute way to greet all of your family and friends throughout the springtime. 


Materials needed: (affiliate links below)

  • Dollar tree door mat 
  • Dollar Tree sponge ( I recommend grabbing 2 of the double packs) 
  • Acrylic or chalk paints in the colors of your choice
  • foam brush 
  • paper plate or wax paper to add paint to
  • anything needed to embellish such as paint pouncers, erasers , puff paint, etc. 

Step 1.  Take your dark grey, or whatever color you prefer, doormat/rug from the Dollar Tree and lay it down on a flat surface. 

Step 2.  Using 1 of the oval refillable dish liquid sponges (I purchased 1 pack of these at the Dollar Tree, 2 green and yellow oval sponges come in 1 pack) saturate the green side of the oval sponge in a paint color of your liking.  I started with a teal blue color.  To do this, I simply poured some paint onto some wax paper, then dipped the front of my sponge in the paint. 


Step 3.  Once the one side of your oval sponge is thoroughly covered in the teal paint, randomly, and firmly, press the paint covered side of the sponge down onto the rug to “stamp” on the teal colored oval, which will look like an Easter egg.  Repeat this process a few times, randomly placing oval shapes/Easter eggs on your rug.  I used the teal color to press on about 5 randomly placed eggs/ovals onto my mat/rug.


Step 4.  Use a foam brush to carefully touch up ay dry spots on your eggs/ovals where the paint didn’t completely transfer onto the rug.  Allow the teal colored ovals/eggs to dry.

Step 5.  Use another color of your liking, and repeat this same process beginning with Step 2.  You can use whatever colors you prefer for your Easter eggs.  I used teal, yellow, pink, and purple.  You will just want to make sure you are allowing the sponge to dry completely before dipping into a new paint color, or use a new sponge.  Remember to allow the rug to dry after each set of colored eggs/oval you press down onto the rug. 


Step 6.  Once you have all of the colored eggs pressed onto your rug, feel free to add whatever details you like to the eggs. I used the back of a pencil to dot on tiny polka dots onto the teal eggs.  For the yellow eggs, I made them into chicks by using black paint to dot on 2 eyes, orange paint to paint on a small beak/nose, and then used some white paint to add some fuzz/hair to the top.  I also used a paint pouncer to add larger polka dots to the pink and purple eggs, and then I used the back of a pencil to add some tiny dots to the purple eggs as well.  Allow to completely dry.  Enjoy!  



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If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  


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