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DIY Kids Dollar store Crayon name tag coaster

coaster Main

This is a fun craft to do with the kiddos! It will also keep them from getting their cups mixed up… or lost! =P

* Please note this craft is more for older kids and a parent should be present the entire time. Do not let your kids chop the crayons, this should ONLY be done by the parents!

My inspiration for these Dollar store name tag coaster’s came from The Swell Designer and her crayon Christmas ornaments. CHECK.THEM.OUT! =)

What you will need:

* Dollar tree coasters ( how ever many you want to make)

* Dollar Tree stickers ( enough to spell your child’s name and small enough to fit on the coasters)

* Mod podge ( you can also buy this at the dollar tree… I have some one hand but I would think 1 dollar tree bottle of mod podge would do 2-3 coasters)

* Wax paper ( you want int to be double the size of your coaster)

* Blow Dryer

* Foam Brush

* Crayons ( I just bought a cheap pack… which will do a good bit of coasters!)

* Knife & old chopping block ( to chop up the crayons)

* A drop cloth or news papers to work on

What to do :

1.) First peel all the paper off of the crayons and chop them into pieces. A little bit goes a lot further than I had expected.  Also you want to go easy on the dark colors or they will all blend and your coaster will be a blackish brown color…. Unless that’s the look your going for =P

coaster main 2

2.) Once they crayons have been chopped, fold your wax paper on half and crease it, unfold the wax paper and place your coaster on top the wax paper and line it up with the crease. Place a handful of crayons in the middle of your coaster and fold the wax paper over top the crayons.


coasters main 3

3.) Face the creased side towards you ( that way if any of the hot waxy crayon spits out it will not hit you!) Hold the blow dryer directly over the top of the wax paper and blow dry till the big blob of crayon in the middle starts to melt. Once the majority is melted then you can work it to the tops and sides of the coaster by guiding your blow dryer where you want it to go. Once your coaster is all filled in with color let it DRY over night.

5.) When your coaster is completely dry then you can place the stickers where you want them.

coaster main 3

6.) After you have place your stickers where you want them brush the top of the coaster with mod podge. Let dry for 1 day and you have a cute little coaster for your kiddos! =)

coaster main 4

One more photo for the fun of it =p

coaster 12

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