Dollar Tree Easter Egg
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Dollar Tree Easter Egg

Dollar Tree Easter Egg

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With Easter right around the corner I have been working on plenty of Easter and spring DIY’s. This egg is one of my favorites so far. It is so simple to make and looks adorable! I am going to prop it against my wall with some cute Easter decorations in front of it… I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. When I do, I will try to remember to post a picture.


  • Cardboard Easter Egg from the Dollar Tree
  • Modpodge ( This can be found at the Dollar Tree, also)
  • paint brush
  • Material ( I bought mine at Walmart. Half a yard made 2 eggs)
  • Ribbon ( I used burlap ribbon from Walmart)


Step 1: Apply fabric. If your fabric is wrinkled you will want to iron it first. Cut off the piece of twine for hanging. Next, cut fabric to size leaving about half of an inch of excess the entire way around the Easter Egg. Apply an even coat of modpodge to the Easter Egg and lay fabric evenly over top.

( Make sure the side with the wording is used as the back, if not, the wording may show through the fabric.)

Step 2: Use your hands to smooth out the fabric. This keeps air bubbles from forming.

Step 3: Flip the Easter egg upside-down and apply modpodge to ends of the egg. Use your hands to fold the fabric over and secure it to the modpodge. This will give your egg a nice clean edge.

Step4: Once the Easter Egg is dry, wrap the ribbon around the egg and secure with a bow.

If you decide to make thisDIY this week I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram 

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