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Learn how to turn a Dollar Tree sign into a farmhouse-style love sign


Here is a cute way to turn a love sing from Dollar Tree into a farmhouse style love sign you can keep up all year round. 


  • Love sign from Dollar Tree – Or something similar in size 
  • greenery 
  • Wood letters – L, V, E. I believe the ones I used were 4 inches
  • Embroidery hoop – I am unsure of the size as I just found it in my craft stash. 
  • Fabric 
  • White chalk paint 
  • black chalk paint – I’m using chalk paint from @A Frayed Knot paint line in the color crazy crow
  • antique wax 
  • raffia 
  • twine 
  • Old book pages – If you don’t have these, buy a book at the Dollar Tree! 
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks 


How to: 

Step 1: First, take the metal heart off of the love sign. This took a little muscle but it did come off. Try use a blow dryer or heat gun to melt the glue under the heart, then use something like a butter knife to pry it up. Paint the heart white with white chalk paint and set aside to dry.


Step 2: I used the back side of the sign as I thought it was smoother. Paint which ever side you chose to use with black chalk paint. I am using chalky paint in the color crazy crow from @ A Frayed Knot paint line. Allow the paint to dry completely. Once the paint is dry, dry brush some white chalk paint over it. To do this, I just dip the brush in white chalk paint, brush a good but off, then brush it onto my project. 


Step 3: Next, lay the letters, L, V, & E, on top of the book pages and trace them out. Do not do what I did in the video and trace them on the front of the page because then you will have pen marks, lol. Once the letters are traced on you can then cut them out and Mod Podge them to the letters. Allow to dry. 


Step 4: Once the letters are dry, you can run antique wax over them if you prefer the rustic look. I just dip my old rag into some stain, rub it onto the letters, then wipe it off. While you have your stain out go ahead and stain the embroidery hoop using this same technique.

I also took some antique wax over the heart to make it look rusty. For this, just dip a paint brush into some antique wax, dap some off, and then dap it all around the heart where you want it to be rusty. 


Step 5: Begin to hot glue the letters in place. Lay the embroidery hoop in place but do not glue it down yet. We will get to that in the next step. 


Step 6: Open up the embroidery hoop, add a piece of fabric, and close it back up. Hot glue some greenery around it and then hot glue the heart in the center of the hoop. I also decided to to add a raffia bow to the top center. Then hot glue the embroidery hoop in place. 


Step 7: Lastly, we need something to hang it with. I am using a thicker twine for this. Just thread it through the holes and tie a knot in the back. If you’re twine starts to come undone, add a little bit of hot glue to the tip. Doing this will make it easier to thread through the holes. 




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