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Dollar Tree Shiplap Board Bunny

I am thrilled to share with you all the delightful journey of creating this adorable Dollar Tree shiplap board bunny. The farmhouse-inspired DIY project not only turned out incredibly cute but was also remarkably easy and budget-friendly to make. Utilizing a shiplap board sourced from the Dollar Tree and a handful of other craft supplies, I was able to craft a charming bunny that perfectly complements the spring and Easter vibes.

If you adore the farmhouse style as much as I do, then this Dollar Tree DIY bunny is an absolute must-have for your seasonal decor. Whether you are sprucing up your space for Easter or simply embracing the freshness of spring, this shiplap board bunny adds a touch of rustic charm that is sure to enchant your guests.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to infuse your home with some seasonal cheer by giving this Dollar Tree shiplap board bunny a try. It’s a fun and creative way to elevate your Easter and spring decor while staying within budget. Here’s how:

Materials Needed:

Step 1.  Purchase a shiplap board from the Dollar Tree

Step 2.  Using a white colored paint, paint the front of the shiplap board.  You could use any white colored acrylic or chalk paint for this project.  Apply two coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry.  

painting Dollar Tree shiplap board bunny white

Step 3.  Once completely dry, use a sanding block and sand over the front of the white painted shiplap board.  This will help add a more farmhouse/vintage look to the project. 

Taking sanding block over painted and dried shiplap board bunny

Step 4.  Use a piece of carboard to trace on a carrot shape and then cut it out of the carboard.  Then, cut out the same exact shape from some corrugated cardboard and secure the corrugated carrot shaped piece of cardboard on top of the other carrot shaped piece of cardboard using some hot glue.  Press down and allow to dry into place to make a carrot. 

cut a carrot shape out of cardboard to make a carrot for the shiplap board bunny

Step 5.  Use an orange color pf paint and paint the carboard carrot.  Allow to dry.  Then, apply some antique wax onto the carrot to give the carrot a ore rustic look, then allow the antique wax to dry.  

after painting the carrot orange and it has dried, apply some antique wax over the front of the carrot

Step 6.  Take two small heart shaped wood cutouts (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby), and a half wood bead (I get these on amazon), and paint them black.  Allow to dry and then go over the front of them with a sanding block.  

Step 7.  Take the two black painted hearts and use the back of a thin paint brush and dot on three white circles across the top of the heart using white paint to create the paws.  Then, create a larger circle at the bottom of the heart using the same white paint.  This will create the look of a bunny paw.  Allow to dry. 

after painting the paws black, use back of paintbrush to dot on white parts of bunny paw

Step 8.  Using some batting purchased from Hobby Lobby, cut out two bunny ear shapes.  Then, cut out two smaller ear shapes for the inside of the ears.  I used a gingham material for the inside of the bunny ears.  Use hot glue to secure the insides of the ears in place and allow to dry.  Then, pinch/scrunch the material at the bottom of each ear together and hot glue it in between where the little folds meet.  Allow to dry. 


Step 9.  Use hot glue to secure the bunny ears onto the top of the piece of shiplap board and allow to dry.  

Step 10.  Create a layered bow using material and greenery of your liking for the bunny.  I used a bow maker I purchased from Hobby Lobby to help me make the bow.  Trim the ends of the bow, if needed, to clean the bow up a bit.  Then, use hot glue to secure the bow over the bottom of the bunny’s ears.  Allow to dry.

create layered bow for the top of the bunny, hot glue it into place

Step 11.  Use the back of a thin paint brush and some black paint to carefully dot on two eyes for the bunny onto the white painted shiplap board.  Allow to dry. 

Step 12.  Apply some pink blush onto the bunny to create the bunny’s cheeks.  I just use my finger to dab on the blush.  

Step 13.  Then, take some rusty wire and twist it around in the center to create some whiskers for the bunny.  Trim the ends of the wire down, if needed.  Then, use hot glue to secure the whiskers onto the bunny’s face.  Next, take the half wood bead we painted black earlier and secure it over top of the center of the whiskers using hot glue to create the bunny’s nose.  Allow to dry. 

make the face of the bunny using the half wood bead for nose, blush for the cheeks, and wire for the whiskers, and secure into place using hot glue

Step 14.  Next, carefully use a black Sharpie to draw on a mouth for the bunny.

Step 15.  Use hot glue to secure the bunny’s feet/paws into place at the bottom of the shiplap board.  

use hot glue to secure the bunny's feet/paws into place

Step 16.  Add some greenery of your choice to the top of the carboard carrot.  Secure into place using hot glue.  Then, make a small bow using raffia and use hot glue to secure it onto the carrot over top of the greenery.  Allow to dry. 

Step 17.  Then, hot glue the carrot onto the once side of the shiplap board.  Allow to dry. 

use hot glue to secure the cardboard carrot onto the front of the bunny

Step 18.  Next, add a small tag that says “HOP” to the top of the bow with a small rusty bell and secure it into place using hot glue, allow to dry.  Enjoy! 


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Dollar Tree Bunny

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