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Dum Dums Flower Valentines

Dum Dums flowers

Dum Dums Flower Valentines 

You will have to excuse this post. I have had a fairly busy week trying to organize my house with a lively 4-year-old on the loose. It seemed that as I cleaned and organized one room he destroyed and un-organized the previous room. It has pretty much been a never ending cycle for me this week. I’m sure those of you with kids understand exactly where I am coming from and have been there yourselves a time or two. ūüėČ I tried to throw something together that was quick and inexpensive¬†and I think that’s precisely what I have done. So I hope you enjoy this tutorial and more importantly, I hope you have a LOVEly valentines day.

What you will need:

Tissue paper – Red, white, and pink, whatever color you like. I chose red and pink. When buying your tissue paper figure 11 mug sized circles per dum dum.

1 pack of dum dums

coffee mug – ( to trace)



yarn or some sort of string to tie a small bow with.

The how to:

Step 1 РTrace the wide part of the coffee mug onto a bundle of tissue paper.  You will use about 11 tissue paper circles per flower.

DR 1

step 2.-  Cut the circles out, fold them in half, and use your scissors to scallop the edges.

DR 3

step 3. – Take one of the circles and wrap it over the dum dum, twisting it tightly at the base.

DR 2

4. Р Start putting your tissue paper on one at a time. Poke a hole in the center of the tissue paper with the dum dum stick and slowly pull it up. You will want to give it a little squeeze around the base.

DR 4

5. – Tie a little bow at the bottom of the dum dum stick with your yarn to keep the tissue paper in place.

DR 5

And that’s it! A cute yet simple Valentine’s Day treat. You can step it up a notch by placing some dum dums flowers into a clay flower pot. This would be a cute gift for a teacher. You could also dress them up by wrapping paper name tags around them. Like I said above it has been a busy week and I ran out of time to do all I wanted to do with this post. So please forgive me. There’s always next year… right? ūüėČ

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