Easter Truck Craft Kit - Wood Kit
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Easter Truck Craft Kit – Wood Kit



Today I am excited to share with you our Easter Truck Craft kit. This wood kit comes with all the wood cutouts and embellishments you need to create one adorable spring Truck door hanger. Our DIY kits are perfect for anyone who loves to craft, but doesn’t want to bother with the hassle of gathering all the supplies and cutting the wood. The only thing you will need to create this beautiful spring door hanger kit is stain, paint and hot glue. I will leave a more detailed list below. 


Supplies needed: 


Step 1: 

The first thing you will want to do when you get your wood kit is stain all the wood pieces. To stain them just use an old rag and wipe the stain on and then off. Allow to dry over night. If you do not care for the rustic stained look you can skip the part. 



Step 2:

Next, you can begin to paint your DIY wood truck. This kit has a little more painting involved than most of our kits, but is so much fun to create. As you can see in the pictures, I painted both the truck and the hub caps yellow. You will need two coats of paint for this. Make sure you allow the paint to dry in between each coat of paint. 




Step 3: 

Now that the truck is painted you can move on to the tires and window. I painted both tires black and I should have added a white dot in the center using a paint pouncer but forgot. I will show a picture of both a yellow and white truck and you can see how the tires should be on the white truck. I used a medium gray color for the window. You will probably need to coats. Allow to dry.



Step 4: 

Now we can begin to paint the eggs, this is my favorite part! You will see a little egg template in your kit. Cut the template out and use if as guid for the first egg that is slightly slanted. There is not template for the next two eggs because you are only paint a curved line. Super simple!


(Using the template)


( Use the template to paint on your first and second egg. On the opposite side of the template on the middle egg you will just need to paint a curved line to create the third egg.) 



( Paint any design you wish on your eggs. I used zig zags and polka dots.) 



Step 5: 

Once everything is painted and has had time to dry you can run sandpaper over it for a more rustic look. We’ve included a small piece of sand paper in your kit, but having one of these yellow sanding tools really helps. You can pick one up at Lowes for under $10. 



Step 6: 

This step is optional. I noticed that the yellow paint I used for my wood kit was just a little too bright for my liking. To dull this down I just added some stain to a rag and ran it over my truck and then wiped it off. Allow to dry. 



Step 7: 

Time to start glueing! Glue the hubcaps on and then the tires on top of the hub caps. Next, glue the window in place. And finally, glue the eggs in place. 



Step 8: 

Once everything is completely dry you can cut out your logo and Mod Podge it to the truck. Make sure your work surface us nice and clean so you don’t accidentally get paint on your pretty logo. 



Step 9: 

Lastly, attach the wire. Make sure the holes where the wire will go are completely dry. Once you are sure that they are dry you can thread the wire through the back and then use a pencil to curl the ends. 



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