Easy Fall Dollar Tree Truck Door Hanger
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Easy Dollar Tree Fall Truck


Today, I will be sharing with you how to create an easy Dollar Tree fall truck door hanger.  I absolutely love finding affordable home décor at the Dollar Tree and seeing how I can take it to the next level, such as this cute fall truck décor.  This beautiful fall DIY was so fun and simple to create.  I think this old red truck DIY would be the perfect addition to your fall décor.  So, the next time you are at the Dollar Tree, be sure to pick up this adorable cardboard truck and give this beautiful fall décor DIY a try this season! 



Supplies needed: 

  • Dollar Tree truck 
  • sanding block 
  • Waverly paint in the color Moss 
  • Black paint ( Get it HERE – Affiliate Link)
  • Antique white paint 
  • White paint 
  • paint brushes 
  • Stain ( I used Minwax in the color Dark Walnut) 
  • old gloves & rag for stain  
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks ( Get it HERE – Affiliate Link) 
  • Spanish Moss 
  • Florals of your choice ( mine came from Walmart) 
  • Mini pumpkins 
  • wire ( I get a large roll at Lowes) 
  • raffia  


Step 1.  Purchase an old red cardboard truck décor piece from the Dollar Tree.



Step 2.  Carefully use a boxcutter and cut the small bottom piece off of the cardboard truck that is in between the wheels as we will not need this. 

Step 3.  Take a sanding block and sand over the front of the Dollar Tree truck. 


Step 4.  Use Waverly chalk paint in the color “moss green,” and paint the front of the Dollar Tree truck, except the wheels, using a paintbrush.  Dry.  Apply a second coat of the same green chalk paint, except the wheels, and allow to completely dry again. 


Step 5.  Take two jumbo popsicle sticks and measure the distance of the  bottom of the truck, then cut the popsicle sticks at each end down to size so that they are approximately the same length as the distance of the bottom of the truck.  Then, use Minwax stain in the color “dark walnut” and rub some stain over the trimmed down jumbo popsicle sticks, front, back, and sides, and then allow to dry. 


Step 6.  I found wooden letters at a craft store that spell “FALL,” but you could use any type of letters to your liking, and stain them with Minwax stain in the color “dark walnut.”  Allow the letters to dry. 


Step 7.  Using black paint, paint the two tires at the bottom of the Dollar Tree truck black.  Allow to dry. Add a second coat and then allow to dry.  I used the color “pavement” from Apple Barrel. 


Step 8.  Take white chalk paint and paint over the front of both of the stained jumbo popsicle sticks.  Allow to dry. 


Step 9.  Take a sanding block and gently sand over the front of the stained and white chalk painted jumbo popsicle sticks.  This adds more character to the project and allows some of the stain to show through the white chalk paint, which helps to create a more rustic/farmhouse inspired look to the final project. 


Step 10.  Next, take both of the jumbo popsicle sticks and lay them horizontally at the bottom of the truck, directly above the tires on the front of the truck.  Lay them snug against each other going across the bottom of the front of the truck, but be sure they do not overlap.  Then, cut off the hangover from the second popsicle stick so that the popsicle sticks are even with the length of the bottom of the truck above the tires. 

Step 11.  Hot glue the popsicle sticks evenly across the bottom of the front of the truck, directly above the tires.  Allow to dry.

Step 12.  Take your letters that spell “FALL,” and hot glue them going across on top of the popsicle sticks evenly spaced apart.  Use the last “L” for the word “FALL” and place it directly over top of where the two popsicle sticks meet so that it will hide any small gap from the popsicle sticks and will look like you only used one popsicle stick.  Allow to dry.

Step 13.  Use a sanding block and trace it with a pencil onto the top front center of the Dollar Tree truck, where a window would be.  Then, carefully paint inside of the traced window, be sure to cover up any pencil markings, using a small paintbrush and the color “antique white” from Apple Barrel.  Allow to dry. Apply a second coat of paint and allow to dry completely again.



Step 14.  Using some faux fall flowers of your liking, I got mine at Wal-Mart, hot glue them onto the front of your truck, being sure not to cover up the window/top of the truck, or the bottom of the truck. I like to work in groups of three for this process.  So, I added one flower above the right tire, one flower above the left tire, and one flower right below the window.  Be sure not to cover up the word “FALL” during this step.  Then, I added more flowers of a different color in between the other flowers to fill in the front middle of the truck, being sure not to cover up the window or the bottom of the truck.  Then, I added some pumpkin embellishments and fall leaves in amongst the flowers.  Use hot glue to secure everything into place.  You can get creative with this step and play around with your arrangements to your liking.  I also stuffed some Spanish Moss around the bottom of the truck.  This way, the truck bed looks like it is hauling a bunch of fall flowers and pumpkins, etc. 


Step 15.  Using some wire, feed the wire through each hole at the top of the truck and secure the wire at each end in order to be able to hang this project.  Trim away any excess wire.

Step 16.  Add a small raffia bow to the top corner of your truck and secure it into place using hot glue. Cut away any excess raffia and enjoy! 





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If you decide to make this easy Dollar Tree fall truck  I would love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  



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