Easy Farmhouse Ornament
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Easy Farmhouse Ornament

Today I am so happy to be sharing with you all how to transform a Dollar Tree pallet into an easy farmhouse ornament.  I love finding crafting supplies at the Dollar Tree, so whenever I see these adorable Dollar Tree mini wood pallets, I stock pile them.  Using a mini wood pallet from the Dollar Tree, you can create this beautiful farmhouse inspired Christmas tree ornament!  Not only is this cute Christmas DIY tree ornament a simple craft to make, it is also a very budget-friendly craft.  Wouldn’t this farmhouse style Christmas tree ornament make for the cutest Christmas tree?  Or, you could also make this Christmas tree ornament DIY and use it as a beautiful Christmas gift tag this holiday season! 




Supplies needed:


Step 1.  Take a mini wood pallet from the Dollar Tree and paint it with white chalk paint.  Be sure to cover the entire pallet with white chalk paint.  Apply two coats of white chalk paint, allowing the pallet to dry in between each layer/coat.



Step 2.  Once the wood pallet is completely dry, I took a “Blessed” word wood cutout that I purchased from Hobby Lobby, and paint it with Waverly chalk paint in the color “ink.”  You only need to apply black chalk paint to the front of your word wood cut out.  Be sure to dry it very well. 


Step 3.  Once the word wood cutout is dry, position it over your mini wood pallet to your liking.  I angled my word over top of the mini wood pallet.  Once you have the word in the position you like, hot glue it onto the mini wood pallet, placing the hot glue onto the back of each letter of the word wood cutout.  Allow to dry.



Step 4.  Using a piece of buffalo check ribbon, or ribbon of your liking, tie a knot at the top of each end of the mini wood pallet to create a loop with your ribbon going from one side of the pallet to the other to hang the ornament.  Trim away any excess ribbon. 



Step 5.  Take a pine pipe cleaner, I purchased these at Lowe’s, cut one in half, fold it, and then hot glue it directly above the first letter of your word wood cutout.  Allow to dry.



Step 6.  Next, take 3 little red bells, or embellishments of your liking, and hot glue them in s small bunch over top of the pine.  Allow to dry.



Step 7.  Hang from your Christmas tree and enjoy!  



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If you decide to make this Dollar Tree Gingerbread man decoration, I would love to hear from you! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  



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