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Easy & Inexpensive snowflake picture frames (would make a great gift too!)


These snowflake picture frames are cheap and easy to make! They would be an awesome gift, just make sure to make some for yourself too! =)

Let me walk you through how to make them; step, by step.

What you will need :
*  Glittery snowflakes (I bought mine at walmart, you get 2 for $1.98 I believe)

* Cheap picture frame (take your snowflake with you to make sure the snowflake will fit the frame)

*burlap (also take your picture frame with you, you will need the enough material to fit in the picture frame X 2, you will see what I mean in the directions below. Also, I bought the opposite color so the snowflake stands out more… you can use any colors you’d like)

* Scissors

* Spray adhesive

* Matching color of glitter as the snowflakes (I had a red and silver snow flake, so I needed red and silver glitter… the reason for this is that the snowflakes have holes at the top where they are to be hung, but since we are not hanging them we don’t want to see that hole.)

* Glue

* Cheap picture frames

* A work area ( I lay news papers down so I don’t get glue on my table)


How to make them:

1.) First take the picture frame apart and be very careful not to cut yourself on the glass.. set the glass aside in a safe place.

sf 1



2.) Take the card board part of the frame (the part that has the back that stands up and/or hangs)Lay a piece of burlap over it, cut the burlap so it is a little bigger than the frame, just in case.



3.) Once you have cut your burlap, take spray adhesive and spray to the cardboard part of the frame ( spray the part that you see… the part where a picture would be.)

sf 3



4.) Once you have sprayed the cardboard add the piece of burlap that you just cut and press it down so it sticks
sf 11

5.) Next repeat steps 1-4 with a second piece of burlap. You want to use 2 pieces because if you only use one you will see the cardboard through the burlap.

6.) Once your done cutting and gluing your second piece of burlap it’s time to add the snow flake. to do this you first want to center the snowflake so you know where you want it to be.




7.) Next glue your snowflake. Follow the shape of the snowflake with glue then flip it to secure it onto the burlap. Hold for a few seconds to make sure it sticks. (I just use regular glue for this, not the spray)


8. Now that your snowflake is glue place a little dot of glue where the whole is and sprinkle the matching color of glitter on it. Once it drys flip it upside down to shake the excess glitter off.



9.) Carefully put the picture frame back together ( I cleaned the glass first)



And that’s all there is to it! easy huh? =)

sf 21

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