Farmhouse Bunny Craft - Spring Decor
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Farmhouse Bunny Craft – Spring Decor



Hi friends!  Today, I am so excited to be sharing with you all how to make a DIY farmhouse bunny craft for your Easter décor!  This Easter bunny frame is such an adorable spring craft to create, and it is super simple!  Add this beautiful farmhouse style bunny DIY to accent your spring décor.  I think this Easter bunny DIY would look gorgeous as a shelf sitter decoration amongst all of your other spring décor and/or Easter décor!  This farmhouse style spring décor bunny would also make for the cutest Easter present! 


Materials needed: 

  • 8 x 10 Wood canvas frame 
  • paint color of your choice 
  • paint brush 
  • corrugated cardboard  
  • bunny pattern from Dollar Tree 
  • material of your liking 
  • Mod Podge  (Affiliate LINK) 
  • wood bead 
  • twine 
  • sharpie or paint for eyes 
  • Spanish Moss 
  • lavender floral picks 
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks 
  • ribbon of your liking 


Step 1. Using a wood frame, mine was a leftover frame that had a canvas so I simply removed the canvas, take some A Frayed Knot paint in the color “tortoise,” and paint the entire front of the frame.  Be sure to paint around the inside of the frame as well.  Allow the frame to dry completely. 



Step 2.  Take a piece of corrugated carboard big enough for the frame and staple it onto the back of the frame using a staple gun.  To get corrugated cardboard, simply soak your piece of cardboard in warm water for a few seconds and then the layers will peel apart. 



Step 3.  Now that the piece of corrugated cardboard is stapled onto the back of the frame, take a piece of fabric of your liking and trace a bunny pattern of your liking onto the piece of fabric.  I purchased my bunny pattern from the Dollar Tree.



Step 4.  Use some fabric scissors and cut out your bunny pattern from the fabric. 


Step 5.  Place the fabric bunny cutout onto the center of your frame and hot glue it onto the corrugated cardboard inside of the frame.  Allow to dry.

Step 6.  Next, using a few pieces of polka dot ribbon, you can use any ribbon of your liking, and a few thinner pieces of lace, layer the pieces in an “x” pattern, one on top of the other.  This will create a layered bow.  Then, take a bundle of raffia and place it right in the center of your layers, and then tie it around the fabric pieces to create the layered bow.  Trim away any excess raffia.  Fluff the bow out a bit to get it to your liking.  Trim the bow anywhere you feel is needed.  Set bow aside for now.



Step 7.  Using a few pieces of very thin twine, dab some hot glue in the middle to hold the three pieces of thin twine together, this will create the whiskers for the bunny.  Allow to dry, set aside for now.


Step 8.  Take the layered bow you created earlier and place it over one of the bunny’s ears.  Once you have the bow positioned where you like, hot glue it into place.  Allow to dry.

Step 9.  Hot glue the whiskers onto the bunny’s face, where whiskers would normally be on a bunny.  Allow to dry. Trim away any excess twine from the whiskers. 

Step 10.  Next, use a half wood bead for the bunny’s nose.  Hot glue the nose over top of the center of the whiskers.  Press down and allow to dry.


Step 11.  Next, use another piece of thin twine and make a fish hook for the one side of the bunny’s mouth and hot glue it into place.  Then, use another piece of thin twine to make a fish hook for the other side of the bunny’s mouth and hot glue it into place.  Trim away any excess twine.  Allow to dry.

Step 12.  Using the back of a small paint brush, carefully dab some black paint onto the bunny to create the bunny’s eyes.  Allow to dry. 

Step 13.  Add some Spanish moss to the bottom of the frame, directly under the bunny.  Secure the Spanish moss into place using hot glue.  Allow to dry and trim away any excess Spanish moss. 

Step 14.  Add some lavender over top of your Spanish moss at the bottom of the frame.  Secure into place using hot glue and allow to dry.  Enjoy! 



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