Farmhouse-Style Fall Craft using Paint Sticks
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Farmhouse Fall Craft using Paint Sticks


Friends, are you ready to break out the fall décor?  I know I sure am!  So, today, I am so excited to be sharing with you how to make this farmhouse fall craft using paint sticks.  Your house guests will not believe you when you tell them this beautiful fall decoration  was made using paint sticks!  You can create some gorgeous, budget-friendly home décor using paint sticks, such as this farmhouse inspired fall flower vase craft.  I always keep the one-gallon and the five-gallon paint sticks in my craft room stash.  Adding some beautiful fall flowers help take this simple fall décor DIY to the next level.  Give this cute floral fall decoration a try! 


Supplies needed: 


Step 1.  Take 5 of the larger paint sticks (5-gallon size paint sticks), and line them up evenly and vertically, snug up against each other, but not overlapping. 


Step 2.  Take 2 of the smaller paint sticks (1-gallon size paint sticks), and trim them down to size so that they fit horizontally across all 5 of the larger paint sticks, without going over the edges.  Next, use hot glue to horizontally, and evenly, secure one of the trimmed down smaller paint sticks towards the top of the 5 larger paint sticks.  Then, repeat this same process with the other trimmed down smaller paint stick, securing this one with hot glue going horizontally across the bottom of the 5 larger paint sticks.  This process will create the “backing” of our paint stick décor.  Allow to dry.  The paint stick décor/project should now be all one piece, secured together.  Once dry, turn the project over so that the two smaller horizontal paint stick pieces used to secure the larger paint sticks together are the back of the project. 


Step 3.  Paint the front, back, and sides of your project with white chalk paint.  Allow to thoroughly dry.

Step 4.  Use a sanding block and go over the front of the paint sticks to give this DIY a more farmhouse inspired look.  If any paint powder comes off the project during this sanding process, simply brush off all the powder from the project. 


Step 5.  Using some black shimmer, you could also use antique wax for this step, take a sponge and gently, and randomly, go over the front of your project.  This will create a more rustic look.  Allow to dry.



Step 6.  We are now going to create a flower vase using jumbo popsicle sticks.  Take some jumbo popsicle sticks, I used 6 sticks for this step, and line them up together tightly and horizontally.  Then, while pressing your hand down over the popsicle sticks so they do not move, use a pencil to draw a flower vase onto the popsicle sticks; almost like you are drawing an upside-down triangle that is flat on the bottom.  Then, use Fiskars scissors, to cut away the edges (use your flower vase drawing outline) from each popsicle stick to create your jumbo popsicle stick flower vase. 



Step 7.  Use a sanding block to quickly sand over each popsicle stick piece that will be used to create the flower vase.  Be sure to sand off any pencil marks.


Step 8.  Carefully stain all 6 pieces of the trimmed down jumbo popsicle sticks/flower vase.  I always use gloves to stain.  To stain, simply take an old, but clean, rag and wipe the stain all over each piece, and then wipe it off.  I always use Minwax stain in the color “dark walnut.”  Allow all 6 pieces to dry. 


Step 9.  Place the 6 stained pieces of jumbo popsicle sticks together to create your flower vase shape.  Line the pieces up tightly together going horizontally, making an upside-down triangle or flower vase shape.  The longest piece should be the top of the flower vase, and the shortest piece should be the bottom of the flower vase. 


Step 10.  Once your flower vase looks proper, trim a paint stick down to size so that it fits vertically down over each piece of the flower vase, but it does not stick out over the top or bottom of the vase.  Then, secure this paint stick vertically down over the middle of the flower vase/stained jumbo popsicle sticks to hold the flower vase securely together.  Allow to dry.  Flip your flower vase over so that the vertical paint stick used to hold everything together is the back of the flower vase.  If you want, you can also apply stain to this vertical paint stick and then allow to dry.  However, this will be the back of the flower vase and will not be visible on the final project. 



Step 11.  Take the stained popsicle stick flower vase and hot glue it onto the bottom of the white chalk painted 5-gallon paint stick piece. *Be sure your flower vase is centered at the bottom with equal spacing on all sides before securing at the bottom of the project with hot glue.  Allow to dry.  The vertical paint stick on the back of the flower vase will give the flower vase some height to allow us to place faux fall flowers in the vase. 


Step 12.  Take some beautiful faux fall flowers and stems of your liking and cut them to the height/size you desire for this project.  Then, arrange them as you please so they look like they are growing/coming out the top of the flower vase.  *If your flower vase pieces pop off during this process, simply add your flowers and secure them down with hot glue, then reapply hot glue to the flower vase pieces that fell off and, once your floral arrangement is in place, hot glue the flower vase pieces back into place.  You could also use E6000 for this process instead of hot glue.  Allow to dry. 


Step 13.  Take some Spanish Moss and hot glue it over the top of the flower vase.  Allow to dry.

Step 14.  Using some strands of raffia make a simple bow.  Then, hot glue the bow on top of the Spanish Moss, at the middle.  Trim away any excess raffia from the ends of the bow. *I like to allow the ends of the raffia bow to hang down past about the middle of the flower vase. 

Step 15.  Take a tag, I get these tags at Walmart, and coffee dye it.  To coffee dye a tag, simply soak it in cool coffee for a bit, then allow it to completely dry.  This creates a more rustic look to the tag we are going to write on. 

Step 16.  Using a coffee-dyed tag, use an ultra-fine point Sharpie marker and neatly write “Harvest” on the tag.  I always add a dot to the letters anywhere the letter would have a point to make the writing look better. 


Step 17.  Please the “Harvest” tag right under the raffia bow at the top center of the flower vase, and hot glue the “Harvest” tag down into place going down in a little bit of an angle over the flower vase.  Allow to dry and enjoy!  



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