Farmhouse style tray for spring décor
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Farmhouse style tray – spring décor


Friends, I am so excited to be sharing with you how to make a farmhouse style tray for spring décor!  I used an adorable seasonal stencil to create this spring décor tray.  I love this springtime DIY tray because you can easily change the stencil on this and have a home décor tray you can use for every season.  I think this farmhouse style spring décor tray would look gorgeous propped up on a shelf surrounded by your other spring décor, or Easter décor.  Also, wouldn’t this farmhouse style wood tray make for a cute Easter present for your friends and family?! 


Farmhouse style tray for spring décor


Materials needed: 


Step 1.  Using 5 larger furring strips, I purchased from Lowe’s, place them on a flat surface and line them up together going horizontally.  Be sure they are tight together and even.  Then, take two smaller furring strips, 1 for each side, and lay 1 smaller furring strip vertically at each side.  Your smaller furring strips on each side should be long enough to go across each of the 5 larger furring strips as these smaller furring strips will serve as the “handles” to our tray, while also securing all of the 5 larger furring strips together. 

Step 2.  Once you have the smaller furring strips positioned properly and everything looks even and tight together, use a hammer to put a nail in the top of the smaller furring strips.  I nail the tops of the 2 smaller furring strips down first just in case the project shifts.  Once I have the tops nailed in, I can make the furring strips even again if they shifted.  Then, once everything is even, I place a nail in the center and the bottom of each of the 2 smaller furring strips.  This will secure the project/tray together.  Be sure to pound the nails in straight. 


Step 3.  Using Minwx stain in the color “dark walnut,” stain the entire wood tray/project using a foam brush.  Then, wipe the stain off using an old rag.  Be sure to stain the front, sides, and back.  Allow the project to dry completely.  You may want to allow this to dry for a couple of days before going onto the next step. 


Step 4. Once your stained tray is completely dry, paint the entire project/tray (front, back, and sides) with white chalk paint.  Allow project to completely dry.


Step 5.  Once the white chalk painted tray is dry, use a sanding block and sand over the entire project so that some of that stained wood comes through the white chalk paint.  This will create a more farmhouse inspired look to your tray.  Allow to dry.


Step 6.  Using a springtime/Easter stencil from Magnolia Designs, place/press the stencil carefully onto the center of the tray, in between the two shorter furring strips/handles.  Be sure to smooth out any bumps and be sure the stencil is even.  Then, use the black chalk paste from Magnolia Designs and carefully go over the stencil.  Then, carefully peel the stencil off of the tray.  Allow to dry. I recommend spraying over your stencil with a clear sealer. This will keep it from coming off. 


Step 7.  Using some handles purchased from Lowe’s, take a drill to screw the handles onto the 2 smaller furring strips, one on each side.  Be sure to center your handles over each of the smaller furring strips before screwing then into place.  Enjoy this farmhouse style tray for spring decor!  




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