Farmhouse Wall Decor
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Farmhouse Wall Decor


Farmhouse Wall Decor

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Home decor doesn’t have to be expensive. I made this cute wall hanger using supplies I found at the Dollar Tree. I used floral wire to attach the glass jar, but if you use anything heavier than a glass jar you will need to consider a stronger wire.

Supplies :

  • Party tray from Dollar Tree
  • glass jar
  • chalk paint ( I used a color called plaster)
  • paint brush
  • drill bit (small one for the wire)
  • Floral wire
  • flower or tea light for jar
  • small square of burlap
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1: Paint the tray using chalk paint color of your choice. I chose this plaster color. It took three coats of paint for full coverage. The chalk paint drys pretty quickly, but to speed up the process in between coats of paint I used a blow dryer. If you use a blowdryer make sure to use the low setting and hold it about 6 inches away from your project.

Step 2: Next, put the flowers in the jar and place it on the tray. This will help so you know where to mark the drill holes for the wire.

Step 3: Using a very small drill bit drill two holes where you marked them. Try to make sure you center them as best as you can. You should wear eye protection while doing this because small pieces of the metal tray can fly up. I would also recommend wearing  gloves. Doing this over a piece of newspaper or wax paper will help to contain all the small pieces of metal for easy, safe clean up.

Step 4: Take a long piece of floral wire and wrap it around the jar a few times then thread it through the drilled holes.

Step 5: Pull the wire so you can get the jar as tight and as close to the tray without breaking the wire. Twist the back of the wire, trim excess, and push down against the tray.

Step 6: I wanted to hide the stems so I decided to use a piece of burlap. Y’all know how much I love my burlap! to do this I cut a small square and wrapped it around a pencil. Next I put a huge glob of hot glue on the bottom of the burlap and pushed it into my jar to secure it. And that’s it! I loved making this craft! It was so easy and cost a little bit of nothing.

To hang this I used command strips and they worked perfectly!


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