DIY Flower Ornament
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DIY Flower Ornament


Flower Ornament 

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Every year for Christmas my sister normally takes of the decorating of my moms house. As she was decorating this year she showed these gorgeous flower ornaments that she bought. I fell in love with the ornament but not the price. I knew I wanted to recreate them and I also knew it wouldn’t be that difficult and I was right! As soon as I found the right supplies this little craft went together fairly easy. Not only was it easy but it also didn’t brake the bank. I think this entire project cost under $5 to make. Although, I did have a few of the supplies already on hand. Let me show you how cute and easy these flower ornaments are to make!


How to:

Step 1: Cut the flowers down to nubs. You want to cut as close to the flower as possible with out cutting the piece that holds it together.

Step 2: Hot glue the flowers around the top of the mason jar band. Six flowers is what worked the best for me. I also want to note that this part can be a little tricky. I found it worked best to put a big glob of glue on the back and hold it on the rim until it dries. It gets easier as you add more flowers.

Step 3: Sit your flower mason jar rim  outside and lay down an old piece of plastic ( I actually used was paper) or a news paper and spray the under side of the jar with spray paint. Wait until it dries, flip it, and spray the top flower side. While the paint is still wet add glitter and allow to dry.

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, spray the tops of the flowers with spray can Mod Podge. This just seals in the glitter so its not falling off everywhere. Once the Mod Podge dries you may want to shake off the excess glitter off of the flower and give it another coat of spray can Mod Podge. Allow to dry completely.

Step 5: Tie ribbon to each flower ornament so you are able to hang them on your Christmas tree.


If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube 


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