Foam dice tiered tray decoration
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How to turn Dollar Tree dice into a cute farmhouse style decoration for tiered trays

 Have you seen these foam dice from the Dollar Tree? Next time you see them, you might want to consider picking a few up! There are tons of cute crafts you can make with them. A few days ago I showed you how to make this cute Dollar Tree foam dice chick and today I am going to show you how to make a cute foam dice tiered tray decoration. This craft is so easy to make, I think you are going to love it! 


  • Foam dice from Dollar Tree 
  • White chalk paint ( or any color you’d like) 
  • Antique wax
  • paint pouncer  
  • paint brush 
  • twine 
  • spanish moss 
  • floral pick 
  • drill 
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks 


How to: 

Step 1: Paint the foam dice with chalk paint. You will probably need 2-3 coats to get full coverage. Allow paint to dry. 

Step 2: Using a paint pouncer begin to pounce on the antique wax for a rusty-like look. To do this, dip the pouncer in antique wax, pounce some off onto a paper plate and then begin to pounce it on to your project. Try to get areas that you think would naturally rust first a little darker. Allow paint to dry.

Step 3: Wrap some twine around the center of the Dollar Tree foam dice a few times and tie a cute little bow. 

Step 4: Drill a hole in the middle, top of the foam dice. Cut some floral picks down and hot glue them in to the hole that was just drilled. 

Step 5: Once the floral picks are in place, begin to hot glue Spanish moss around the picks. This will add some extra cuteness while covering up and messes from the hot glue. 




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