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*DISCLAIMER*The GRACE LITE group on Facebook, as well as Burlap Kitchen, LLC, and its’ owners, partners, affiliates, members, and guests will not be held liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for any information you receive, request, or adhere to, provided on or through any of our blogs, e-mails, websites, services, programs, videos, chats, texts, affiliates, recommendations, or other means.  The information given in this group is for informational and educational purposes only.  You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for your own health and assume all risks.  You are also responsible for any results from joining this group.  We do not make any promises or guarantees, implied or otherwise, of weight loss, a healthier you, your success in the future, or how successful you may be as you understand results may be different for every individual.  We also cannot promise that you will maintain any results you may experience. We assume no liability or responsibility should you use the information given in this group.  We have no liability or responsibility for your actions.  We are not responsible for any success or failure you may experience due to joining this group or using any information, advice, or products mentioned/provided.  
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GRACELITE highly recommends and advises you to consult with your physician and nutritionalist prior to starting any diets, supplements, vitamins, foods, lifestyle changes, exercises, different eating habits, or any fitness/health regiments.  I am not a doctor, nutritionalist, medical, or weight loss expert; all information given in this group is based on my opinions and personal experience of what has worked for me.  It is advised that you be in good physical and mental condition prior to participating in the group.  GRACELITE, and its’ owners and/or related businesses, are not and do not claim to be medical care professionals, health and/or fitness experts, physicians, or nutritionalists.  We are not responsible for any risks, losses, damages, accidents, or injuries that may result from you participating in this group and/or trying/following any activities, opinions, products, or recommendations.  By signing up for this group, voluntarily, you indicate that you completely understand and assume any and all risks of injury and responsibilities.  Additionally, you agree to release and discharge GRACELITE, Burlap Kitchen, LLC, and their owners/founders, from any and all claims or causes of action, known and unknown.  The information provided in this group is simply opinion, and should not be substituted or mistaken for professional medical advice.  You should not rely on any data or information given in this group as professional medical advice.  Therefore, we are not responsible or liable for any treatment, diagnosis, advice/recommendation, or any other information/data you receive through/in this group.  It is welcomed that you consult with a licensed medical professional regarding the information given/exchanged in this group.  
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