Grace Lite

Imagine waking up one day and those pants that used to be tight actually button. And, not only do they button, but they are now 3 sizes too big. How would that make you feel? If I would have to guess, I would say pretty good! Ok, now let’s imagine you are at the playground with your kiddos or grand kiddos. You weren’t able to keep up with them before because you were out of breath and you didn’t fit down the slide. You probably felt sad, embarrassed, and maybe even a little angry. But now things are different. Now you have the energy to keep up with them and you also fit down the slide. Does that not feel amazing? 

Now, I want you to take the above scenario and compare it to how you are feeling now. I want you to know that how you are feeling now can change, but in order to change you have to make a choice. You have to choose to do something about it. 

I started my weightless journey back in March of 2020 (I believe) and since then I have lost right around 60 pounds and still losing. I have found that the key to successful weigh loss is learning to give yourself grace. We all have bad days and we all mess up. We just need to learn how to keep those bad days from turning into weeks, months, years, etc. And to do this we MUST understand the meaning of GRACE.

Because I am all about simplicity, I want to give you a simple definition of the word GRACE. It basically means that we learn to forgive ourselves when we mess up. It sounds so easy, but can be so hard. We have to learn to make it a habit. We have to learn to on purpose forgive ourselves for messing up. When we don’t do this we let doubt and condemnation set in. With that comes thoughts of “I’ll never get it right, so I might as well just eat this cake”. But grace steps in and says “Hey, girl. I know yesterday was a rough day. Yes, you ate bad, but I forgive you. Let’s do great things today”. Do you see the difference?

What is Grace Lite?

Grace Lite is a monthly subscription group. By signing up you will be added to a private Facebook group where all trainings will be held. In these trainings I will show you how I lost over 60+ and give the tools and support YOU need to have a successful weight loss journey.

In my group, not only will I teach you how to give yourself grace, but also how to jump back on the wagon if you fall off. This group will be based on a low carb/keto diet. If you mess up, you will not be judged, but rather supported and uplifted so you are able to jump back on the wagon quickly. I am here to help.

This group will not be one of those crazy, over the top groups that tell you you can never have a carb again in your life. You will learn how to make simple, and doable lifestyle changes that will have you cutting the carbs without missing them!

What can I expect from this group?

  • At least 2 lives a week
  • God centered motivation
  • support from woman who are on the same journey as you
  • Prayer
  • Bi-weekly recipes posted straight to the Grace Lite private group page
  • In the kitchen cook with me sessions
  • access to a private Pinterest board with other Grace Lite members
  • Q&A sessions

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