How to create a DIY drop cloth fabric pumpkin
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How to create a DIY drop cloth fabric pumpkin for fall


Today I’m going to show you how to make a budget friendly farmhouse style DIY drop cloth fabric pumpkin for fall. This little farmhouse style fall pumpkin is super cute and budget friendly. Simple crafts that are budget-friendly are my jam. How adorable would a few of these look on a farmhouse table style for fall?


Materials needed to create a budget friendly DIY drop cloth fabric pumpkin for fall 

  • Drop cloth fabric
  • Plate or something round to trace your pumpkin 
  • Poly fil
  • Stick from the yard
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Spanish moss
  • Wired twine


How to create a budget friendly DIY drop cloth pumpkin for fall 

Step 1: Lay a plate or something round to make your pumpkin shape on top of your drop cloth fabric. Trace and cut out.


Step 2: Lay a blob of poly fill on the center of the drop cloth fabric you just cut.


Step 3: Pull the drop cloth fabric up, insert a stick from the back yard and tie a piece of twine to secure everything. I did add a little hot glue to the bottom of my stick before putting it in for a little extra security. Snip any excess material off the pumpkin.


Step 4: Glue some Spanish moss to the top of your DIY pumpkin.


Step 5: Add some tendrils to your pumpkin using some wired twine from the Dollar Tree. FYI, Dollar Tree is an awesome place to get craft supplies. I will link some of my Dollar Tree crafts below so you know what to grab next time you are there 😉


Step 6: Finally, add a cute ribbon. Buffalo check ribbon will give this pumpkin a beautiful farmhouse fall décor look.




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