How to create a primitive farmhouse style DIY PVC craft lantern
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How to create a primitive farmhouse style DIY PVC craft lantern

Today, I am excited to share with you how to create a primitive farmhouse style DIY PVC lantern.  This primitive farmhouse style PVC lantern is such a creative, budget-friendly DIY.  Not only is this cute PVC craft lantern a simple DIY idea to make, it can easily be incorporated into your fall farmhouse style decor.  I always enjoy making simple, budget-friendly DIYs and this PVC craft lantern is no exception.  Wouldn’t this affordable DIY lantern be adorable sitting in amongst all your fall decor?! 
Materials for PVC craft lantern: 
  • 2 pieces of pic that fit together 
  • duct tape 
  • black matte spray paint 
  • coffee grounds 
  • Mod Podge 
  • tea light 
  • scotch tape 
  • clear silicone 
  • Spanish moss 
  • drill 
  • rebar wire 
  • wire cutters 
  • embellishments ( I used ribbon and a brown paper tag) 

How To
Step 1:  Take two pieces of PVC piping as shown in the video and sand over each piece to scuff up the PVC. 
Step 2:   Use duct tape to wrap around and securely connect both pieces of the PVC pipe together, resulting in the shape of a lantern. 
Step 3:  Spray ultra matte black rust-oleum (spray paint + primer) over the outside of the lantern, and around the top.  Be sure to spray the inside of the top part of the lantern as well as that will be visible.  
Step 4:  Take a tea light candle and place some masking tape around the flame of the candle so as to not get any paint on the actual flame.  Using your ultra matte black rust-oleum, spray the exposed part of the tea light candle.  
Step 5:  Use a heat gun to dry both the lantern and the tea light candle.  Be very gentle with the tea light candle.  
Step 6:  Using a cordless drill, drill two holes on the opposing sides of the lantern at the top. Be sure to clear/wipe out any PVC debis caused by the drilling of each hole.
Step 7:  Cover your completely dried tea light candle (masking tape should still be covering the flame part of the candle) with Mod Podge and immediately sprinkle ground coffee all over the Mod Podge covered tea light candle.  Make sure it is well coated with coffee granules.  
Step 8:  Cover your completely dried PVC lantern with Mod Podge and immediately coat the outside of the lantern with coffee granules.  Remember to coat the top rim of the lantern as well. 
Step 9:  Using a chip brush, recoat the tea light candle and the PVC lantern with Mod Podge, putting more Mod Podge directly over top of the coffee granules using a dabbing technique.   
Step 10:  Cut pieces of duct tape and place along the top inside perimeter of the PVC lantern to hold the PVC together more securely.  Trim any excess duct tape hanging over the rim so it is not visible, and drill through the same two opposing holes you already created to drill through the duct tape. 
Step 11:  Run a piece of rebar wire (you can find this at Lowes) through one of the holes you drilled, secure it, and then bring it over to the other hole, push it through, and secure it.  This will create a “handle” for your lantern. 
Step 12:  Add/stuff some Spanish moss around the top of your PVC lantern.  Remove the masking tape from the flame part of your tea light candle.  Using clear silicone, make a blob on a paper plate and lightly sprinkle in some coffee granules.  Use a popsicle stick to swirl the silicone mixture around the actual flame part of the tea light candle, this simply makes the flame a little more prominent and primitive looking.  
Step 13:  Once the tea light candle is dry, place it on top of the Spanish moss on the PVC lantern and add embellishments.  You now have a primitive farmhouse style lantern made from some PVC to elevate your fall decor!    
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