How to create a simple budget friendly DIY farmhouse pumpkin for fall decor
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How to create a simple budget friendly DIY farmhouse style pumpkin for fall decor

Today, I am going to share with you how to create a simple budget friendly DIY farmhouse style pumpkin for fall decor using a thrift store picture frame.  Pumpkin décor is a staple for fall decorating, and this cute farmhouse style pumpkin DIY picture frame is such a simple, budget friendly DIY to make.  If you love gorgeous farmhouse style DIYs, thrift store finds, pumpkins, and budget friendly fall décor, this is a cute DIY for you to try! 


Materials needed: 

  • wood picture frame – found mine at goodwill 
  • butter knife – This will help take the staples out of the back of the frame if it has them.
  • orange placemat – Found mine at target 
  • textured wall paper or scrap book paper 
  • Mod Podge 
  • rolling pin – this will help take out any bubbles from the Mod Podge. 
  • white chalk paint 
  • paint color of your choice  – I used sea foam green from A Frayed Knot paint line 
  • stain – I used crazy crow from A frayed Knot paint line 
  • chip brush 
  • raffia 
  • ribbon 
  • Spanish moss 
  • twine 
  • button 
  • stick 
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks 
  • staple gun 


Step 1:  Take an old picture frame, I found this one at a Goodwill thrift store, gently remove any glass and/or backing so you just have the wooden frame, but do not discard the backing as we will use that later on.  Using a chip brush, paint the frame with two coats of white chalk paint, allowing the paint to completely dry in between each coat. 


Step 2:  While you are waiting for your frame to dry after applying the second coat of chalk paint, take any white textured wallpaper you like, I had this wall paper left over from Lowe’s, and using a chip brush, dry brush A Frayed Knot’s sea foam green paint on the textured wallpaper, allow it to completely dry, and then dry brush A Frayed Knot’s crazy crow paint over it to give it an antique look.  Allow this to completely dry.  


Step 3:  Next, take your completely dry picture frame and use a chip brush to dry brush A Frayed Knot’s crazy crow paint on the frame to give it an antique look.  

Step 4:  Take the cardboard backing that came with the picture frame, be sure to use the plain side of the backing if there is a picture or pattern on the other side, and brush with Mod Podge.  Carefully lay your painted textured wallpaper down over the backing that you just covered with Mod Podge.  Use your hands and gently press from the center of the wallpaper outward to avoid getting any air bubbles.  Use a heat gun on the lowest setting to dry this a little bit, then gently take a rolling pin over the entire wallpaper that is now adhered to the backing to help prevent any bubbles.  Allow this to dry. 

Step 5:  Using scissors, trim away any excess wallpaper hanging out over the edge of the picture frame backing. 

Step 6:  Make sure everything, including your craft table, is dry.  Take the dry chalk painted picture frame and place the textured wallpaper backing inside of the frame.  Press down to make sure it is securely inside of the frame.  Use a staple gun to secure the textured wallpaper backing properly inside of the frame.  

Step 7:  Take a round, orange colored placemat, I got mine at Target, center it towards the bottom of the picture frame on top of the textured wallpaper backing, and use a hot glue gun to adhere it onto the textured wallpaper inside of the frame.  Be sure to carefully pull off any dried hot glue.  


Step 8:  Using a stick from outside, hot glue the stick to the top center of the pumpkin to create a stem.  Next, hot glue some Spanish moss around the bottom of the stem.  Add some greenery on each side of the stem up against the Spanish Moss and hot glue it down.  

Step 9:  Take some raffia and use a strand of the raffia to bind the bunch together by tying it into a bow shape, allowing some strands of raffia to hang low on each side of the bow.  Hot glue the raffia bow over top the stem and Spanish Moss portion of the pumpkin.  Make sure everything is secured in place using a hot glue gun, and allow the sides of the raffia bow to hang low so they almost touch the bottom of the picture frame.   Use scissors to trim away any unwanted strands of raffia.  

Step 10:  Finally, make a bow using a piece of burlap, a smaller piece of ribbon with any pattern you like on it, and then an even smaller piece of plain ribbon.  Layer these ribbons over top of one another in the shape of an “x.”  Using some jute, tie the ribbons together so they make a bow shape and so you can see the 3 different ribbon pieces used in the bow.  Hot glue each piece of ribbon in the bow together.  Trim off any excess ribbon on the bow, and hot glue the bow to the bottom of your pumpkin stem.  Then, hot glue a cute black button on the center of the bow.  Enjoy!  



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