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How to create an owl ornament DIY using our fall patterns

Hi friends!  I am very excited to share with you how to create an owl ornament DIY using our fall patterns.  This farmhouse style fall pattern bundle is so versatile, simple, and fun to get those creative juices flowing.  Use our cute fall pattern bundle to make adorable fall DIYs, such as this cute owl ornament for a fall tree, or even use it as a Christmas tree ornament!  We currently have these beautiful fall patterns available on our online store, so be sure to snag our fall pattern bundle while you can.  I cannot wait to see all the cute crafts you make with our farmhouse style patterns for fall!  


Materials needed: 

Step 1:  Take our owl pattern from our fall pattern bundle cut it out and trace it onto some recycled corrugated cardboard.  After you have the owl traced onto the recycled cardboard, cut it out. 

Step 2:  Using some gray Apple Barrel paint, dry brush the paint onto the cardboard owl.  I prefer to have a little bit of the cardboard still showing through the paint, just to make the owl look a bit more rustic.  Be sure to paint the front and back of the owl. Allow to dry. 

Step 3:  Dry brush a little white chalk paint over the front of the owl.  This will add to making the owl look a bit more farmhouse/rustic.  Dry.  

Step 4:  Go back to the owl pattern you traced onto the cardboard and cut out the stomach of the owl.  Next, trace the stomach of the owl onto your corrugated cardboard, and then cut it out. 

Step 5:  Using white chalk paint, paint the owl’s stomach using the same dry brushing technique allowing for a little bit of the cardboard to show through, which adds a more farmhouse/rustic look.  Dry. 


Step 6:  Hot glue the owl’s stomach onto the owl.  Allow this to dry. 

Step 7:  Using scissors, cut a cinnamon stick until you get a little piece that looks cute to use for the owl’s nose.  Set this piece aside as we will come back to it after we create the owl’s eyes.  

Step 8:  Take two cute decorative buttons that you like, that are sort of larger in size, and hot glue onto the owl for the owl’s eyes.  I used brown colored buttons for this.  Next, take two buttons that are slightly smaller in size (I found some cute teal colored buttons, but feel free to get creative and use what appeals to you), and hot glue the smaller buttons over top the larger buttons for the owl’s eyes.  Allow to dry.  

Step 9:  Next, hot glue the cinnamon stick piece to the owl to create the owl’s nose.  I sort of used the owl’s eyes as a guide on where to place the nose.  Allow to dry.  

Step 10:  Take some raffia and make a little bow for the ear.  Hot glue the bow onto the owl and trim away any excess raffia.  You could embellish the bow for the ear any way you like.  

Step 11:  Using some twine, hot glue the twine to make a hanger on the back of the owl so it can be used as an ornament on a fall tree, or even a Christmas tree.  Allow to dry and enjoy! 



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If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  



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