How to make a farmhouse style pumpkin candy bowl 
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How to make a farmhouse style pumpkin candy bowl 

I am so happy to share with you how to make a farmhouse style pumpkin candy bowl.  Friends, this farmhouse inspired pumpkin candy bowl DIY is a beautiful fall décor piece with some sweet fall treats!  This fall farmhouse DIY is also budget friendly thanks to rope and bowls found at the Dollar Tree.  How beautiful would this farmhouse pumpkin candy bowl look sitting on a coffee table filled with your family’s favorite candy?!  


Materials needed: 

  • 12 packs of nautical rope (Dollar tree) 
  • 2 large bowls (Dollar Tree) 
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks 
  • stick 
  • Spanish Moss 
  • greenery 
  • ribbon 
  • twine 
  • button 
  • candy 


Step 1:  Purchase two of the same size bowls at Dollar Tree.  Try to look for bowls the size of maybe a basketball when put together, although you could make this candy bowl bigger or smaller if you like.  You will also need to purchase some cream-colored rope from the Dollar Tree.  I purchased 12 packs of rope.  You just want to get enough rope to cover the exterior of your bowl.  Remove all the tags/labels from your rope and bowls.  

Step 2:  Take one of your bowls and place it upside down so it resembles a dome.  Start to very carefully and very tightly hot glue the rope in a coil pattern around the outside of the bowl, starting at the top center.  Keep doing this until the entire bowl is covered in rope.  Be sure to work carefully, hot gluing the rope very tightly together in a coil pattern.  When you get to the bottom of this bowl, trim any excess rope off.  Repeat this exact process with your other bowl.  Both the bowls should now be covered in the cream-colored rope. 

Step 3:  Take one rope covered bowl, and hot glue another strand of rope around the top/rim of the bowl.  This will be the bottom bowl for your candy dish.  Then, place your other rope covered bowl/the “lid” over the top of the other bowl to make sure they will fit together/align nicely.  

Step 4:  Take a stick from outside and hot glue it to the top center of the lid bowl piece.  


Step 5:  Take some of your favorite ribbon patterns and colors in different sizes and lay them down in an “x” pattern to create a layered bow look.  Wrap/secure your bow by wrapping a strand of jute around it.  Trim away and excess.  

Step 6:  Take some greenery and hot glue onto each side of the pumpkin stem.  Then, hot glue your layered bow onto the stick stem so that the greenery is showing on each side of the layered bow. Allow to dry.  

Step 7:  Hot glue some Spanish Moss around the back of the stem, and hot glue a decorative button onto the center of your layered bow.  Allow to dry.  This will be the top/lid of your candy bowl/dish.   

Step 8:  Fill the bottom candy bowl/dish with your favorite fall candies, place the pumpkin rope lid piece over the top, and enjoy! 



How to make a farmhouse style pumpkin candy bowl 



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