How to make a farmhouse style Thanksgiving turkey DIY
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How to make a farmhouse style Thanksgiving turkey DIY

I am so happy to share how to make a farmhouse style Thanksgiving turkey DIY!  This farmhouse inspired fall décor turkey is budget-friendly; most of the craft supplies needed to create this turkey project can be found at The Dollar Tree.  I think this cute Thanksgiving turkey craft would be so much fun to do with your kiddos.  Also, sometimes I struggle to find Thanksgiving décor, but this adorable farmhouse style turkey DIY will have all of your Thanksgiving Day dinner guests smiling! 


Materials needed:

  • 3 fence boards + 1 for the back to hold all of them together 
  • Drill & screws  
  • Paper doilies  – Dollar Tree 
  • Spoon rest – Dollar Tree 
  • paint and paint brush 
  • stain – Minwax, Dark walnut 
  • orange burlap or material 
  • black and white paint 
  • material & raffia for bow 
  • wood letters – GOBBLE 
  • Mod Podge  


Step 1.  Find 4 fence boards, I got mine from Lowe’s and they are very inexpensive, and stain them using Minwax stain in the color “dark walnut.”  Always wear gloves when you stain.  I simply dip an old rag into the stain, wipe it over the boards, and then use a clean/dry area of the rag to wipe the stain off.  Allow the boards to dry.



Step 2.  After your boards are dry, line 3 of the boards up horizontally.  Then, take the 4th board and place it vertically down the center over top of the other 3 boards.  Next, predrill a hole at the top, center, and bottom of your vertically placed board.  Then, add 3 screws so that the screws in the vertical board hold all of the boards together.  Now, flip your project over so that the vertical board is the back and the 3 flat horizontal boards are the front of your project. 



Step 3.  Next, take a pack of different size white paper doilies, I purchased my pack from The Dollar Tree, and place/layer 3 doilies on top of each other, placing the largest doily on the bottom, and then the smallest doily on the top.  This will be the shape/body of your turkey. 

Step 4.  Once you have your doilies layered for the turkey’s body, take some Waverly paint in the color “moss,” and paint just the middle/center doily.  *Be sure you are working with the front side of each doily; the lace part is the front.  Gently dry this doily with a heat gun.



Step 5.  Next, take the largest doily and brush some Mod Podge onto the center/middle of the front of this largest doily.  Then, place this doily onto the middle/center of your stained boards frame.  Then, place the second/middle doily you painted moss green over top of the larger doily.  Use Mod Podge and a heat gun to dry the doilies together/in place.  Be very careful when brushing on the Mod Podge so you do not tear the doilies.  Then, you will add your last/smallest white doily over top of the middle moss painted doily using Mod Podge.  Dry everything into place. 



Step 6.  Take a plastic spoon rest, I purchased mine at The Dollar Tree, and spray paint it brown.  Allow to dry.  This will be the face and neck of your turkey.

Step 7.  Place the brown spray-painted spoon rest over top of the doilies so it looks like a face and neck for the turkey.  Then, carefully predrill a hole through the center of the spoon part of the spoon rest, and then carefully place a screw through to hold into place. 



Step 8.  Cut a small piece of orange colored burlap in the shape of a triangle for the turkey’s nose.  Hot glue the nose onto the turkey’s face over top of the screw you just added so that the triangle is upside down; the widest part of the triangle should be at the top of the nose.

Step 9.  Next, I purchased letters from either Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree to spell out “GOBBLE.”  Paint these letters with orange paint.  Allow to dry.  Then, rub a sanding block over the letters to scuff them up a bit.  Next, take some of the Minwax stain in the color “dark walnut,” and rub the stain over top of the letters, and then wipe it off.  Allow to dry. 

Step 10.  Line up your “GOBBLE” letters along the bottom of your project and make sure they are even with equal spacing.  Once they are positioned to your liking, use hot glue to glue them onto the bottom of your board.  I find it easiest to hot glue down the first letter and the last letter first, then hot glue down the middle letters.  This will help with equal spacing.  Allow to dry. 

Step 11.   Take some fabric of your liking and rip it into a few long strands.  Set aside.  Next, take some raffia and place it/wrap it around the turkey’s neck, tying it into place allowing some strands to hang down.  Then, take the strips of material you ripped and tie a bow around the neck of the turkey over top of the raffia.  This will make a scarf for your turkey.  Trim away any excess raffia.  You may also need to use a bit of hot glue to secure the bow and raffia down.  Allow to dry.

Step 12.  Take some white paint and add two dots for the turkey’s eyes.  Dry with a heat gun.  Then, add two smaller black dots with paint in the center of the white dots for the eyeballs.  Enjoy!




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If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  



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