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How to make cute fall porch pillows ( for those of us who can’t sew!) :)


final product ( no one will ever know your secret ;)


In my spare time I make crafts and one of the questions people ask me all the time is ” do you sew?” and they are surprised when I tell them no. I guess most people just assume crafts and sewing go hand in hand, but trust me, there are ways around it. Today I am going to show you how to make cute seasonal porch pillows without whipping out a sewing machine.

What you will need:
material of your choice ( the amount depends on the size of your pillow, so take it with you when picking out material)
old pillows ( you can find them cheap at goodwill and yard sales)
1 pack of safety pins ( you want them to be medium to large in size )

** I decided to use flannel shirts on my pillows instead of material, making them a little more “messy” than usual in the back.

What to do:

1.) Cut the material to size. Make sure your material overlaps some so you have enough to cover the entire back of the pillow.

2.) wrap the pillow ~ When you are making these think presents.. You want to wrap the pillow like you would a present and place a pin everywhere you would normally place a piece of tape.

3.) Pin the pillow. Secure pins where the ends overlap and also pin any loose material, making the front of your pillow looking neat and tight.

Here are a few photos to help:


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