How to make decorative candy corns from material
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How to make decorative candy corns from material

All these fall DIY’s have me super excited and ready to whip out the fall decor, haha. I know, I know. It’s too early to decorate for fall and I won’t do it just yet, promise. But I am doing all my fall crafting now. That way when it’s time to decorate, I am ready to go and I suggest you do the same.Today I’m going to show you how to make decorative candy corns from material (drop cloth).

This simple fall craft is not only easy but budget friendly. I am using a piece of drop cloth that I bought at Lowe’s for the material, but any material you have will do. I highly recommend looking through your scrap bin of material before buying anything. Remember the reason for this craft is budget friendly, so let’s keep it that way!


OK, let’s get started on this simple fall craft.


Materials needed:



How to:


Step 1: Fold your material or drop cloth in half So that you will have two pieces when you go to cut. Now cut a triangle out of the material. Remember these are to be rustic and fun, your triangle does not have to be perfectly shaped.

You can make these candy corns any size that you would like. I made three different sizes when I made mine. I did not measure anything. I know you guys always ask that, but I am not someone who measures. I just eyeballed it allowing about an extra inch for hot glue and stuffing.


Step 2: Hot glue your triangle together, leaving a small opening at the bottom. If you like a cleaner look, you can flip your triangle inside out so it will look like it’s been sewn. If you are like me and you like a more rustic look, then leave the edges frayed at the end and do not flip it.


Step 3: Now you can stuff your candy corns with poly-fil. Make sure to take something like a pencil and push the poly-fil up into the very tip of the candy corn. Once you have stuffed your candy corn, you can glue the small opening shut.


Step 4: Now let’s have some fun painting these simple fabric candy candy corns. I did not paint the tip as my material was already white. I used acrylic paint and painted the center orange and the bottom yellow just as a candy corn would look. Allow the paint to dry before moving on.


Step 5: Once the paint was dry, I decided I wanted to give these candy corns a more rustic look. To Do that randomly add Mod podge onto your candy corns in circle with cinnamon. Then shake the cinnamon off. Allow your candy corns to dry and then seal with some more mod podge.


Step 6: You can now dress these candy corns up however you would like. I added some twine along with a paper tag that says harvest. To give the paper tag a rustic look to blend in with the candy corns. I did the same mod podge cinnamon technique on them. I made a few different sizes, candy corn so they look cute when they’re all sitting together. I also added a little bit of twine on each candy corn for a little extra cuteness.





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