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How to turn flour & sugar bags into gift bags! =)


The other day my mom went shopping and came home with the coolest thing ever!, a gift bag made from an empty flour bag. With the holidays just around the corner I know I am going to have plenty of flour and sugar bags the I normally just through away… not anymore! My bags look slightly different from hers but they are just as cute.

What you will need:
* old flour and sugar bags ( when you are shopping for your sugar and flour you are now going to want to look for bags the look good with not many wrinkles)
* scissors
* Glue
* twine

How to do it:

1.) Open bags you are using very carefully, dump flour into your flour container, dump empty bag  upside down and tap to get as much excess flour out as possible.

2.) Fold bag by pressing the ends in ( how a gift bag looks before you open it to put a gift in) flatten the bag gently and cut off any parts that may have been damaged when you opened the bag originally.

3.) Fold top flap down about half an inch to mark how far to cut.

fb 6

4.) Using scissors cut each of the four corners down to the crease of where you folded.

5.) Now glue the flaps and press them down


7.) Once dry use a paper whole punch to punch 2 wholes on each side of the bag

fb 11

8.) Cut 2 pieces of twine the same size. Put one piece threw the one side and the other threw the next side. One piece goes on the same side. Make sure the end you knot is on the inside of the bag… It’s easier to explain with a photo, knot the ends


And there you have it, cheap, one of a kind gift bags! Some even have recipes on the back, how cool is that?? =)

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