I Love Her, Too - Faith Filled Message

I Love Her, Too – Faith Filled Message


Today I want to share a short faith filled message about what God taught me at Walmart. I hope this message will inspire you to love others the way God loves them. 

A while back I was at Walmart and had someone passive aggressively tell me off in the checkout line. It REALLY irritated me, but I left it go…until I got in my car. While driving home from Walmart I let this woman have it in my mind. I thought of everything I wished I would have said to her and boy did I ever think I was justified in it, too!

Then, out of no where, I heard the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit whisper, “I love her too”. Gulp. I knew in that moment I had allowed an offense into my heart. This time I was quick to repent and ask for forgiveness.

You see, if we want grace in our lives then we must learn to extend it. I didn’t know this woman, I was judging her based off of a 2 minute encounter. Maybe she wasn’t feeling good that day, maybe she just lost a close friend, maybe she was worried she wouldn’t have enough money to cover her grocery bill, maybe she fell off the wagon and spiraled into an old addiction. I never stopped to think about her that day, it was all me, me, me.

If something similar has happened to you recently I want to remind you that God loves her/him, too. I’m not saying to be a doormat and let people mistreat you. I’m just saying that sometimes we need to set our pride aside and recognize that people need our Jesus more than they need our judgment.
I’m rooting for you, friend



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